Hang in There, Relax, Release, and Love, says Dr. Peebles

Once again the gracious Summer Bacon and Dr. James Martin Peebles offer an inspiring heart-lifting message from July 8th, an MP3 free to share.

These messages refresh me and calm down the worldly chaos.
We dive into greater awareness.
Relax and release, breathe deeply and listen to Peebles’ broad perspective.

A few of his topics this time –

  • Because of this pandemic and many other earthly challenges, we are revamping ourselves and our priorities.
  • Quiet Quarantine can bring inner clarity and build intuition.
  • Life will be different now. It won’t be “all about me” anymore. It will be “all about us.”
  • It is “time to understand yourselves as a collective.”
  • With love you can, in fact, move mountains. Move mountains of hate.
  • Take time to listen to each other – hear each other out. It’s quite healing.
  • We need each other. (This is our new motto in every way.)
  • You will learn from each other and expand love all over the earth.
  • You will finally understand that You are not a body.
  • You are an eternal being of Love and Light. That is Who you are.

Release worry, re-frame, and feel better.

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