True Cure for COVID-19 Fever and Coughing

Dr. Richard Bartlett of Texas (and many other docs around the world, as you will see) has 100% cure rate for Coronavirus, by using

the inhaler corticosteroid “budesonide,”

also known by a brand-name “Pulmicort.” (Generic brands also effective.)

Check this video interview.

It is true.

Bartlett recommends using it as a nebulizer.

No risks to taking it, says Bartlett. (This corticosteroid carries few side effects.)
Not expensive.
Many countries have been using it with great success.
Pass the word.

… Alrightee, a few hours after I posted this and it appeared on my Facebook page, they removed it, because this video link went viral on FB earlier this week – lots of sharing from many sources.
I investigated more, and found this remedy is not necessarily wrong, but researchers just aren’t sure about it yet.
The advice, as usual, is to ask your physician.

PA Guard trains for COVID-19 testing site in Wilkes-Barre

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