How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Dive into the juiciness of your emotions, drop old baggage, and lighten up!

Last week we gave links to videos of Meridian Tapping. If you view one, the following will be easier to understand.
The videos are useful, but of course not personalized to you.

When you go deeper into your unique life and use both sides of the brain, you get better results.

Specific trapped and blocked emotions create problems in the body, mind, and spirit.
Tapping dissolves the blockages and removes limitations.

In the development of this EFT Meridian Tapping method, (and in Traditional Chinese Medicine) each acupoint correlates to a particular emotion.
The tapping routine cycles through all the emotions, providing effective relief.

face meridian points for tapping

First, prepare your personalized tapping: 

– Ask, what is bothering me? ________________________.
(Option: tune in to the first time I ever felt this way. For instance, I feel fear about xyz, and I find an important event at age 3, when my older brother scared me with a hairy spider. I will include this memory as part of this tapping.)

– If the topic is a severe traumatic memory, let yourself float above it and watch it like a movie, rather than putting yourself through the trauma again. (If Tapping is new to you, start with small issues first, not big traumas.)

– When I think about this issue, where do I feel it in my body? ________________.
Tune into it. Describe the sensation. What does it feel like? ________________________.

(Here you use the right side of your brain, which is all about sensations, images, symbols, metaphors. Such as “hairy spider” – “weight on my chest” – “wet blanket” – “chains on me” – “spiky thorn” – “choking” – “a rotten odor” – “a fiery explosion” – “thunderstorm” – “a knife in me.” Write a short metaphor symbol for your issue.)

– Which emotion is it?
1. The verbal Left Brain names it – write down the specific emotion, even if it’s a bit unclear.
(It may be more than one emotion, but you will tap on one emotion at a time. It may be fear, anger, grief, hopelessness, panic, sadness, anxiety, abandonment, betrayal, etc. Anything.)

2. The Right Brain symbolizes it as a sensation-smell-image-shape-color-weight. Anything sensory. (Write down a symbol such as: “scary hairy spider.”)

3. Feel the emotion deeply. Intensify it!  How bad is it?  What is the intensity?  Rate it 0-10 and write it down.Karate chop pt DS

4. Fingertips tap on ‘karate chop spot’ (lateral edge of hand)
while you say strongly 3 times:
“Even though I have this ______(fear of xyz, this hairy spider), I’m okay.”

Be sure to use the word “have,” as it tells your subconscious that this condition is temporary.

5. Fingertips tap the meridian points, starting at inner eyebrow.EFT points Wikimedia Commons edited
Keep saying:
“I have this ___ (emotion and sensation / symbol), but I’m okay.”
Focus on the nitty-gritty of the feeling.
(About 7 taps per spot, but don’t count – rather, sink into your feelings.)

Freely talk aloud about the specific hardship, problem, or event,
staying with that one emotion.
Sink your teeth into how bad it feels.
(Must feel it to heal it.)

We allow ourselves to feel what we feel, without resistance. Let the emotion flow.
Tears may arise. (Yawns may follow, when the block releases.)
After a few rounds through the acupoints, relax and take a calming breath.

6. After tapping, what is the intensity, 0-10? Write down that number.
Maybe you notice a new aspect or a different emotion arising? (Keep track of these, as you will tap on each emotion eventually, in order to clear this trauma out.)

7. Tap again on the original feeling: “Even though I have this remaining _____, I’m okay.”

(or – “I completely love and accept myself.” But if it doesn’t feel comfortable to say ‘I love myself,’ then stay with ‘I’m okay.’)
After those rounds, rate the intensity again, write it down.

8. If the issue has many aspects, treat each aspect. Do a tapping session on each emotion.
In time you can clear it all out. Stay at it steadily, a little each day.
When tapping: see, feel, hear, taste, smell it.

Acceptance unlocks change.
How have you learned or benefited from this difficulty? ________________

Hold the paradox.
Embrace both sides, the positive and the negative of this issue.
(“I have this fear, but it teaches me courage.”)

Here is your tapping chart (used for steps 1, 2, 3, and 7). (Most issues require repeats on later days. Be sure to rate the intensity before and after, so you can note the real effectiveness of tapping.)
EFT chart

EFT fine points

More ways to make Tapping effective:

  • Drink extra water. Water conducts electricity and healing in the body.
  • Don’t ignore emotional pain; don’t deny it anymore; bring it to light.
  • Speak with enthusiasm and passion.
  • Acknowledge the truth, the difficulty (the “teaching”).
  • Tap upon awakening, at bathroom stops, and bedtime.
  • Results may germinate slowly; just keep tapping.
  • Look into your own eyes in the mirror while tapping.
  • Affirm: “I’m doing fine.” Say “I love you” to yourself.
  • Self-love is at the core of most issues.
  • Need better results? Get a one-on-one consultation on phone, video chat, or in-person.

On the Bright Side:

When you’re feeling extra good, extra happy and grateful, tap that in, too!
Speak aloud about a fun moment, happiness, appreciation, while you Tap softly, gently on your third eye (the center of your forehead just above the level of your eyebrows).

Bask in the good feelings. Install them in your hard drive, so to speak.
Tap in the good moments, the good memories, the beauty around you, the fine friendships, the sunrise!

Tapping can work (and has worked) on anything from phobias to PTSD to addictions to weight loss to chronic pain and illness.
Many a time it has helped me chill out, calm down, melt aggravations and pains.

As a facilitator, I have watched it dissolve enormous issues, bringing relief and happiness.

If you like, please share and comment – How has Tapping worked for you?

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face meridian points for tapping


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