Why Should I Care About Meridian Tapping? 

How much chaos is yanking your chain these days?
Relief is here.

Meridian Tapping – also called Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or just “tapping” – is easy, simple, free, quick, and effective. All you need is your fingers.

For the past two decades, over 100 published studies (from 10 countries) have checked the effectiveness of Meridian Tapping.
98% of the studies show positive results.
Tapping calms the amygdala in the brain and reduces the stress-hormone cortisol.

It releases trauma (even for conditions that used to be practically un-treatable).

Tapping is a self-treatment that takes only a few minutes to produce wonderful results, breakthroughs, even physical relief.
By tapping meridian points on the face and upper torso while feeling and accepting the negative and positive aspects of your issue, you release it.

It stops pulling on you.

Profound physical and emotional changes arise as you shift from stress to relaxation.

Tapping relieves not only stress and anxiety but also chronic phobias, past traumas, PTSD, physical pain, illness, fear, grief, fatigue, weight loss and addictions. It can release cravings, limitations, nightmares, resentments.
It can help bring in abundance and better performance (see how Olympic athletes use tapping).

Psychologists and Therapists all over the world use it with great success for their clients.

Anyone can learn it.

Meridian tapping began with explorations in Applied Kinesiology by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s, Australian Dr. John Dimond in the 1970s, and American psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan in the 1980s (who developed Thought Field Therapy, TFT).
They noted that some meridian points correlated to emotions (Traditional Chinese Medicine already knew this). They found that trauma was released by tapping those points.

One of Callahan’s students, Gary Craig, simplified the process and called it Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – beginning in the early 1990s.
EFT was largely unknown when I got certified in it. Now we have 133,000 videos of Meridian Tapping on the web! Just google your problem, you’ll probably find it!

In recent years Nick Ortner and many others have landed on the forefront of Tapping.

I think the most impressive tapping happened with Gary Craig and Vietnam War veterans in a mental hospital. Their war memories were so horrific that these men could not function in society. They had been stuck in the mental hospital for many years. They received two sessions of tapping (possibly an hour once a week, I imagine).

This helped them release the emotional charge of trauma (PTSD) so well that they were able to be discharged from the hospital. They returned to living their lives.

I’ve also seen remarkable healing when I’ve helped clients do tapping in private sessions on the phone or in-person.
In the past 15 years I have taught tapping workshops and often tapped on myself to reduce stress, cravings, upsets, pains, all sorts of hindrances.

It works.

Don’t let the chaos get you down!
Don’t let them yank your chain anymore.
Take charge of your vibe and your well-being.

Check out a bunch of tapping audios and videos this week with the links above.
Before you tap, remember to drink water, because good hydration helps energy flow.

Understand that tapping works even better when it is personalized to you.
Next week I’ll post
How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

How to Feel Good Now:  Energy Psychology!

Diane does personal Tapping sessions on the phone, Distance Biofield Tuning by phone as well as in-person sessions, and  Chakra Balancing, health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

Nick_Ortner w points wikimed commons(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this pic of Nick Ortner, to which we added acupoints.)




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