What to Do if You have COVID-19 Coronavirus

Everybody’s experience is different, and even the researchers aren’t sure what to say about it.
I wasn’t going to write about it again (after I got over it), but now my home state of Arizona is in a mess, and I feel compelled to share a few thoughts.

We all know about good handwashing, social distancing, and masks (plus gloves, I say).
Many of us feel that daily Vitamin C offers some protection to avoid the virus, and many like to take Quercetin as a lung booster.

If you get a positive Covid test, self-isolate in your home immediately (with your own bedroom and bathroom if possible) for at least 2 weeks (or longer if fever lingers).

If you have others at home, use bleach wipes on door handles and surfaces that everybody touches. Consider wearing gloves to avoid passing germs.

Please do “contact tracing” – contact whomever you saw in person in the past 2 weeks, let them know you tested positive, and they should self-isolate for the next 2 weeks.
This will help stop the spread of the virus.

Call your doctor, but know they don’t want to see you in person. Don’t panic, but you’ll get no in-person medical care unless you have difficulty breathing, in which case go to the Emergency Room ASAP.

Remember most cases of the virus are not severe and do not require hospitalization.

Recent research says those with “type O” blood have an easier time with the virus.

The CDC tells you how to handle your virus (like a flu) and when you can quit isolation after the virus.

Of course you’ll drink tons of water and healthy fluids, get plenty of rest, take cough medicine, Tylenol, or whatever you need …

For myself and friends who have dealt with Coronavirus, the most helpful supplements seemed to be

  • Vitamin C 1000 mg every hour through the day (but cut back if loose stools – and caution with Vitamin C if you’ve had kidney stones or blood disorders).
  • Oil of Oregano, 2 to 3 drops under the tongue taken frequently – can reduce viral symptoms. (Update Feb 2021 – a doctor-written book urges Oil of Oregano as the main remedy for Covid, because now it has a proven track record! It is also good for handling reactions from the vaccines.)
  • A gentle blood thinner such as fish oil gel-caps (follow directions on the bottle) will reduce the chances of blood clots (which have been an issue with Covid sometimes).(One aspirin a day can also thin the blood – but don’t add that on top of fish oil.)
  • Low oxygen, shortness of breath with Covid, has now been determined (Spring 2021) to be caused by vasculitis in the tiny blood vessels on the inner surface of the lungs (alveoli). Rosemary Supreme herbal capsules are known to reduce vasculitis.
  • If you have favorite anti-viral supplements, go for them. It’s anybody’s guess what may help. (In my case, herbs Morinda Supreme and Rosemary Supreme helped. I wish I had started my Oil of Oregano sooner, because later found out it gave excellent results.)
  • Doctors worldwide urge us to get plenty of Zinc and Vitamin D to avert and/or treat this virus.
  • For pain in the chest/lungs, try a heating pad (which really helped me).
    If you don’t have a heating pad, put a wet (and squeezed out) hand towel in the microwave for a couple minutes. Use it as a hot compress with a heavy dry towel on top. Hot but don’t burn yourself.   Keep the heat on for 20 minutes at a time.
  • Do some deep breathing into the ribcage several times a day to stretch the lungs more. (BUT if you are super short-of-breath, get yourself to the hospital.)
  • After you test negative and you’re not contagious, you can get a Myers cocktail IV, which is filled with good vitamins. It should boost your energy level. Some companies will even come to your house and give you an IV.
  • Gelsemium homeopathic remedy can reduce fatigue post-Covid.
    Rosemary capsules also reduced my fatigue.
  • See also How to Repair Your Lungs after COVID – Visceral Manipulation

If and when you feel dizzy or a bit out of breath, or deeply fatigued, try not to worry.
Many have felt those odd symptoms, and yet regained their health.

Likely you will, too, reclaim your health and return to your previous strength.

Hang in there.
Stay connected on the phone or media.
We love you.
You’ll make it.

See Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 of Diane’s Coronavirus experience.

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