Love it! How to Shift Your World in Hard Times 

Here’s something I’ve been learning from my Dad practically my whole life:

Look on the Bright Side.

Since the pandemic started, Dad has been saying, “We live in amazing times.”
Yes, things are crazy in umpteen directions, but he doesn’t complain.

There’s plenty of mud here, but we don’t need to stick our face deeply into it.
The deeper you push your face into the mud, the less you can breathe.

I am not suggesting social irresponsibility.
I am urging us to truly take care of our own vibration.
Uplifting ourselves will uplift the world.

You cannot control anybody but yourself –
and if you can take your own reins, that’s awesome.
Lift your vibration.

As Abraham ( Esther Hicks) says,
“Your work is not to look for the perfect place where only the things you want exist.
Your work is to look for the things you want in every place.”

I heard this 25 years ago and thought I understood it.
But mental habits are hard to change.
So we keep using and practicing this concept.

To say it another way, no matter where we go, we notice what we like and dislike, the good stuff and bad stuff.
The dualistic worlds upon worlds are composed of positives and negatives, by definition.
We can’t get away from seeing both of these all the time.

But we can learn to channel our attention toward what we do like, what we do appreciate.

We can celebrate those things that feel good to us.
As we celebrate them, they become larger in our awareness.

Gratitude rocks.
Gratitude makes us feel good.
The more we soak in gratitude, the more blessings life sends to us.

That’s the law of attraction.
Like attracts like.
Feeling good attracts more feeling good.
Love attracts more love.

Wear your love-tinted glasses. Turn towards the things you love.
Whatever you enjoy.
Spend your time there as often as possible.
Harness your attention upon the bright good parts of life.
(Start with simple things, like “the sun came up today” – positive points will grow.)

This is the way to support yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your planet.

Because everything is vibration –
and your vibration, your attitude, is vitally important.
It’s the most essential thing for you to carry.

It plays the key role in your life. It impacts everybody around you, too.

On a good day, steeped in gratitude, everything around us gets better and better.
Blessings flow.
Lucky things unfold right in front of our eyes.

Have you had days like this?
I sure have.
Tell us about it!

(Yes the tiny lizard posed for this picture. It was a baby, half the size of my little finger.)

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