Cheer Up with Donna’s Simple but Powerful Radiant Energy Methods

Through the decades I have learned SO much from Donna Eden, and she herself is a joy.
Donna Eden is a master of Energy Medicine.
She has created a quick daily practice to bring you energy, harmony, and clarity despite the chaos of our times.

You can learn it, Free!

Raise your vibration and feel grounded, balanced, and strong.
Uplifting yourself will help raise the vibration of the planet, too.

Refresh yourself each day for a few minutes and activate your Radiant Circuits (which are a vital part of your energy system, along with your aura, chakras, meridians and more.)

As Donna’s site says,

This routine works with the Radiant Circuits – an energy system that is primal and intelligent and can release old habits and thrust you into new, refreshing ones. This is a specific routine that works in balancing hormones, stimulating endorphins, and initiating healing. A bonus is that you will probably feel a lot more joy, without even trying.

If you can embrace joy, despite life’s sufferings, you can live a life brimming with even more joy and anchor it into your own emotional and spiritual life.

Doing these exercises is a great step toward more energy, vitality, and yes, JOY! As you continue on this journey with us, you will start to feel the ripple effect.”

Get into the swing of this with the 28-day Joy Challenge, a daily video featuring Energy Medicine teachers taking you through this 5-minute Radiant Energy routine.
Although the Joy Challenge began on June 9, you can jump in anytime and receive a daily email link, just sign up here.
(Email reminders continue through July 6.)

Be sure to see Donna herself on the Day 1 video. Her vibe is awesome and inspiring.

Don’t miss this wonderful free energy series.

You’ve got to try it and let me know how you feel!
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Donna Joy Challenge

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