Enjoy this Free Infusion of Light, Love and Energy

Sound healing is the rising star in the healing world now.
Would you like a delicious taste of it?
You can get this 30-minute group audio session mp3 for free,
thanks to my teacher Eileen McKusick, the founder of Biofield Tuning.

In this session Eileen uses sound and vibration in your field to activate and amplify the light and power in your system.
This brings you more physical and emotional strength, stability and balance.
All difficulty and stress will become easier to face, because your energy and vibration will be heightened.

For the past century, we’ve heard again and again that all matter is really energy.
From Einstein to Quantum Physics, we know energy is the basis of everything in our physical world.
When we improve energy flow, our body and mind grow happier and healthier.

torus shape labeled w human Clipart

In this free session Eileen speaks about and activates your 144 strands of electric potential, strands of light which run through your vertical core and throughout your personal field. (The human field is a torus shape, just like the torus of electromagnetic energy around a planet.)


This vibrational activation helps us to bring in more Source energy: the light and love that nurtures everything and everybody.
As we amplify This in ourselves, we automatically convey it to our home, to our neighborhood, to our region, to the whole planet.

When I received this activation, I felt an energy surge (as did many recipients).
I accomplished a lot that day. I felt stronger in my life for the following days (and still counting – plus I can listen again to receive more benefit).

Because of this energy surge, Eileen recommends listening to the session in the morning rather than the evening (i.e. not close to bedtime, or you may feel over-energized).
Also listen at a time when your stomach is not hungry and not over-full.

*As with every Biofield Tuning, drink lots of water before and after the session, do some earthing (put your bare feet on the earth) to ground your energy, and take an Epsom salt bath afterwards to release toxins and rebalance your energy.

We are living in an amazing season, unique in human history.

Humanity is truly changing and shifting into a new way of being.

Many of our man-made ways and institutions are crumbling in order to be rebuilt on the foundation of love and friendship.

Source energy, Love and Light are leading the way.

Amplify your light with this free activation.

Many thanks to Eileen McKusick for this Free audio healing and vibrational attunement.

Please share this far and wide – and let me know about the energy you feel when you listen to it!


Diane does Distance Biofield Tuning by phone as well as in-person sessions, and  Chakra Balancing, health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

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