Easy Way to Your Calm Safe Strong Soul – a Spine Meditation

Take a moment and move to Observer awareness, the awareness of your Soul at your core, where all is contentment.
To go deep, let’s shift attention away from all exteriors and go into the spine, into the vertical core.

Find a comfortable position. Settle in.
Breathe and let your muscles go limp.
Inhale deeply into your belly.
Feel the belly expand and stretch.
Exhale like a balloon deflating.
Let everything go.
Nothing must be done.

Let yourself settle heavily into the Earth.
Feel the Earth underneath you, supporting you.
Connect to Earth.
Feel, sense, or imagine this deep nurturing connection.
You may feel Earth’s energy gently bubbling up into your body.

Breathe, and let all tension melt away.

Open the top of your head to the heavens, and allow light to come streaming into your head … down your shoulders … into your chest and abdomen … into your hips and legs.

Abundant light flows into every cell of your body.
Every cell softens and glows with light.

Now breathe deeply into your spine, into your vertical core.
Explore the sensation of breathing into your spine.
How does it feel for you?

Whatever you feel or imagine is fine.
Let your imagination play.

Breath brings energy.

Perhaps it’s a stream – a current – a tide rising and falling.

Perhaps it’s a radiant glow, expanding, contracting.

Perhaps a breath flows up from the ground, from your tailbone up to the top of your head.
Take a breath like this.

Perhaps a breath pours down from the sky, all the way down your spine to your seat.
Take a breath like that.

Feel each breath relaxing your whole body … deeper … and deeper.

Feel a flow of energy up and down your spine.

Your spinal fluid does flow with your breath.
The breath and bones coordinate naturally in the spinal fluid pump.
Upon the in-breath your cranium expands wider. The cranial plates stretch apart from each other ever so slightly. They open up, and then on your exhale they come together again.

Also on your inhale, the tailbone tilts backward, opening the pelvis, stretching long.
On your exhale the tailbone tucks forward, in and up.
Feel, sense, or imagine your tailbone moving with your breath – stretching backward with the inhale, curling inward with the exhale.

These inherent movements are part of the amazing miracle of your body.
The whole orchestra functions so well, easily and naturally.

The energy is real electromagnetic energy, coming from above and below, flowing through your core, nurturing you always, feeding every cell.
We are electric beings, more than we realize.

Breathe and stay here in your core, in your center.

Keep feeling and sensing the flow of breath and energy as it feeds, and repairs, and restores you.

Stay deep in your core, apart from all exteriors, all distractions.

Rest in the Innermost You.

Stay here in your Observer, your Witness-view, the deepest part of you,
the part of you that is content with everything.
All is well.
Underneath everything, all is well.
You have all you need.
You are fully supported and safe.
You are loved.

Feel the contentment here.

Your Inner Observer lives in contentment.
In Peace.
In Love.

Here your Soul says simply: I am.
I am enough … more than enough.
I am effortless.
I am blessed.
I am loved.
I am here.


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