How Mind-Sabotage Attacks: Final Scoop, my Weird Coronavirus

Good news: I’m all better! Yes!
Health, strength, energy!
Joy overflows with the return of “normal” days.
I don’t take “ordinary” for granted.

I cannot thank you enough for all the good thoughts, healing vibes, and prayers you sent me!
Deep gratitude to you.
We are connected – I felt your support.

My virus took 9 weeks. (But who’s counting?)
Many people are in the same boat with similar lengths of time.

The symptoms are strange, confusing and variable.
Many of my friends feel they had this virus back in December or January.
My husband caught a bug then and was weak for a month, but I didn’t catch it from him.
Neither did he catch Coronavirus from me while I was going through it.
So maybe he did get it earlier and gained immunity.

The snotty part of me says, so how did he finish it in 4 weeks and I had to do 9? (Through the decades my immune system is usually stronger than his.)
Is it that his body knows how to be sick and lie down, whereas my body/mind never wants to lie down?

Or that he reaches straight for the aspirin and I do not, because I want “better” alternative options? I want root causes.
Maybe I should have done aspirin.

Hunting blindly for root causes, my mind raced like a hamster in a wheel.
My mind kept me awake.
My mind weakened me.

I was overthinking everything, plus reacting to the collective fear that choked everybody at the exact time when I fell ill.

If you get sick when the media is not saying you’re in grave danger, you would get over it quicker, yes?
If you’re minding your own business, and people are not flapping around emphasizing your death …?

My hamster-mind chased a lot of false leads because nobody knew how to treat this virus. (Do they yet??)
I kept trying to regain simple faith in the wisdom of my body.

Many late nights I pulled my hamster-mind out of her wheel.
I would tuck her into the soft coverlets of a hamster-sized bed.
Stay. Rest.

Day 57
Symptoms cycled up and down. On Mother’s Day I dropped into a ton of fatigue. I hoped to function in the evening when the kids were coming for a rare visit. (I had not been contagious for many weeks.)
Then the universe showed me again the power of love, the power of the spirit.
My daughter’s deep-heart hug (a surprise) perked me up 100% – literally a healing hug!
We enjoyed a fabulous evening, fresh and lively, with the young folks.
I felt amazingly good those hours and into the next days.

Day 60
Recently I received one high vitamin-C IV (Myers cocktail vitamins/minerals), a giant boost.
I’m feeling stronger with less fatigue.
Night sweats are slowing down, maybe one every third night. 
I also enjoyed a clairvoyant healing with a wonderful friend, which reinforced the message yet again that this experience is helping me shift my priorities.
It’s a transformation (and for all of us).

Day 62
Saw the story of one family who cured their Corona overnight by taking three aspirin in hot lemon water with honey.
Umpteen approaches, people use.
Some say this is a thought form? (In a way it could be, since all the world is projection.)
I cannot deny that fear kicked off my whole experience and kept playing a major role.
Background emotions and beliefs are much more powerful than we realize.

Day 63
Still going gently, because when I overdo activity, I’m utterly depleted.
Today my dear naturopathic doc straightened out my supplements and found those that strengthen me.

Day 66
I am pacing myself, but I’m feeling better, more energy and strength.
I’m doing chores and loving them.
I don’t suddenly crash into zero power (like I was doing).

A friend sent me a great medical-ecological video, an interview with Dr. Zach Bush. Bush gives a compassionate broad perspective on our situation. He speaks about the human biome and virome – vast communities of bacteria and viruses which always inhabit our bodies and fill the entire Earth. They play important roles. They blow through the air across continents and seas.

Viruses are essential to life on Earth, says Bush.
It’s time to work with our Earth, not against her.
I agree!

Well then.

As of today (day 70), I’ve had a full week of good strength and energy, no symptoms.
I say my roller-coaster on this virus is done.

Thanks for riding with me. Keep your arms inside the vehicle as we slow down and appreciate life, appreciate each other, more than ever before.

Please tell us your viewpoints on any of this.

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  1. meghan says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. You’re a wonderful storyteller/writer, having managed to share a scary journey in a positive & hopeful way. I love that you’re on the upswing and am sending positive vibrations to help with that momentum!


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