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Hey Everybody!
Here’s an announcement from the Biofield Tuning team and my teacher Eileen McKusick.
This is the vibrational tuning I’ve been telling everybody about for the past 18 months or so, and you can experience it now FREE.

This Biofield Tuning sound healing regularly blows me away.

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Here is her full message:

Please join Eileen McKusick on Wednesday, May 20th at 8:30pm ET for a free, engaging and educating conversation (as well as 2 mini Biofield Tuning sessions) with Stephen Dinan, founder of the Shift Network, on the topic of Emotional Alchemy.

Emotions have been running high, and the truth is, most of us have never been taught what to do with them. Many of us grew up with parents who advocated a kind of “abstinence only” approach to emotions, leaving us with no tools other than suppression to manage them.

Effective emotional management is one of the key components of raising your energy levels and enjoying vibrant electric health. During this event, Eileen will share the essence of the practice of emotional alchemy while doing a group tuning on the emotion of fear as it resides and gets expressed in our bones.

If you have been feeling anxiety and fear, in yourself or in the collective, tune into this broadcast to learn how to feel through a difficult emotion into the natural arising of your own vibrational antidote.

Through this process we turn the lead of heavy and challenging emotions into the gold of pure electric potential.

If you’re unable to attend the scheduled broadcast, no problem! A link to the recording will be sent to everyone who registers.

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See you there!
Then please tell me what you felt and experienced!

BT event May 20

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