Envision and Inspire Blessing on Your Brilliant Earth

We need you!
We need each other more than ever before.
You, me, all of humanity, comes together now for a few moments each day to envision a beautiful harmonious future.

Take a breath and see your circle of beloved ones.
See light and love streaming into them and filling them up.
See the animals around you, the trees and flowers, all vibrant with this light and love.
See the birds soaring and singing.
See the glow on everybody and everything, even the ladybugs.
See the glow of the mountains and valleys, rivers and seas.
Picture Mother Earth restored to radiant health, and all her beings bubbling with life.

Envision people of all colors, all cultures, all walks of life, young and old, dancing and hugging.
Look at them go!

Inhale this happiness and harmony.

In mid-April an inspiring video urges us to collectively focus upon health, happiness, and beautiful communities, in order to plant important seeds for our future.

In that video, awesome biologist Bruce Lipton says human behavior must change because “We are facing the 6th mass extinction” and (to paraphrase his words as closely as I can) –

“The most valid and tested science is Quantum Physics, which says consciousness creates our experiences. We manifest our reality through our consciousness. And there’s a collective reality through collective consciousness.

Magnetoencephalography measures your brain activity from outside of your head.
Our thoughts are not contained in our head!
Our thoughts are broadcast everywhere. Our brains are like tuning forks.
The more people who share a common thought, the more power that vibration is given.

The power of a vibration determines the unfoldment of life on this planet.

Put your thoughts into a world that is happy, healthy, evolving into a beautiful community, a garden.
These thoughts are important, because if we collectively broadcast these thoughts, the amplitude of many united thoughts will help change our evolution.

Your thoughts are not just a by-product of living.
Your thoughts impact the field around you.

Your thinking is an active agent, engaging change on this planet.

We must have new thoughts, not the fear that has been distorting us.

We must broadcast thoughts of health, harmony, and love.
When we broadcast this in large enough numbers, as has been demonstrated by satellite studies, it changes the electromagnetic field of the earth, which gives shape to the physical reality!

It’s a scientific reality:
Take our time. Focus our thoughts on health, harmony, and a beautiful garden.
Then collectively we will manifest those.”

Although that stirring video refers to an 11:00 moment the weekend of April 18,

my friends and I have continued to come together with our shared intent
at high-noon 12:00 each day
to see love and light pouring into ourselves, our circle, our pets, our community, parks, hills, lakes, places and people all around the globe.

We see the wonderful cooperative garden of communities and countries – and we hold that vision.

The cool thing is, when we tune in simultaneously, we feel each other, and we feel this sweet love/light vibration magnified stronger by our collective focus.
It feels delicious, yummy, refreshing.
We love doing it.
You are welcome to join us any day of the week. Or every day.
Share the sweetness.

We hold this space for 10 minutes, but if you can spare only 5 minutes, 1 minute, or even a passing thought – please join in.

We need you.
Your time is now.
We’re calling in all the favors you ever wanted to repay to anybody.
We need each other.

(Let’s not worry about time zones, although we are in Arizona, which is Pacific time at the moment. Rather, grab your friends to join you in your time zone at 12 or whatever time you like. The main thing is to be consistent. Make it a habit. Join forces and hold this fragrant vision each day.)

It lights up the whole world when we visualize things that we love, things that give us joy, all the high vibration brilliance.

Envision your new world, our new world, and how wonderful it will be.
How wonderful it will feel.
(If you need inspiration to visualize, scroll up to the top of this page again.)

We chose 12:00 because it fit into lunchtime, I think, but also –
When we were kids, they blasted a noon siren warning each day. (“Duck and Cover,” practicing for the atom bomb.)
Now we bring the noon love and light: soft and bright.

Join us, and let us know, can you feel the vibes?


children behold earth n stars PickPik lighter(Thanks to PickPik for this image.)

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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach www.joystream.net
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  1. Diedre says:

    Sure needed this today and all to follow….
    Thank you!!!


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