Enlightening Perspective Brings me Tears of Joy

We humans are moving through these dark times into more light and love than ever before on this planet.

Cumbersome archaic structures are crumbling, which is good, because now we can build better, more humane systems to take care of ourselves and each other.

Look at all the love and care that blossoms in this grim season.
Look at the friendship and support for each other, all around the globe.
Look at Mother Earth breathing and restoring Herself, when we stop the smog.
Look at the wildlife, the abundance of birds and other animals now appearing even in big cities like New York (says my friend who lives there), because we humans are staying out of their way.

We see with new eyes what life could be.
We cherish kindness and touch.
We prioritize in new ways.
We love ourselves, our friends, our family, more than ever before.

What blessings come with this difficult time!

If you are at all inclined to step away from “business as usual” and welcome a truly new way of loving your life, then you’ll enjoy listening to my friend, Dr. James Martin Peebles.

What I love about Dr. Peebles is his all-inclusive love for everybody, his broad perspective, and his deep wisdom. I have been listening to him for many years.

This inspiring recording comes to you absolutely free, from the generosity of the beloved medium, Summer Bacon.

Dr. Peebles Speaks about Current Times – May 13, 2020

Peebles is a beautiful spirit (yes – he dwells in the spirit world).

Before you pass this off as Woo, consider, do you ever “hear” from a departed friend or relative?
You know, over 72% of us do have afterlife encounters with those who have “died” (although physical death is nothing all).

In the coming months and years, we will enjoy more and more contact with the non-physical realm, more easily than ever before.

I am beyond grateful to be here in this amazing season of change, of light, of love!
When I heard this audio recording, tears of joy and thankfulness poured down my cheeks.
I shouted, “Yes! Yes!” Again and again.

The enlightenment and illumination we have craved is upon us!

A change?
You bet. Into more and more love.

Sending my biggest deepest thanks to Trance Medium Summer Bacon for her generosity in sharing this FREE amazing mp3 to all. (Yes that is her awesome name – she’s a descendant of Sir Francis Bacon.)

(p.s. I’m feeling better every minute!  Thanks to Pixabay for this image.)
illumination-Japan Pixabay

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