Heavenly Mystery and Son Quick-start a Love World

G_d: Step out of the birthing vortex, JC, how are you doing?

JC: Wow, it is so bright here. I feel utterly happy!
But the light is too bright to see you, mister – ?

G_d: Mystery. That’s me.
I’m not a person, Son, I am Mystery.
Listen, would you go down to Earth for me?
I’d like you to convince those yahoos that I am all about Love.
I do love humans immensely, even the yahoos, every last one of them.
No matter what they do, they’re so lovable.
They’ve handled so many tough times and mistreated each other so much that they presume I’m tough and mean, like most of their kings.
But I’m not!
You know that, right?

JC: Oh Goodness, You’re not mean at all.
I feel Your Love.
Tons of love. I’m bathing in it, soaking in it.
I’m so relaxed already, and I just barely arrived!

G_d: Wonderful!
Carry this Love every minute of your life and help the humans see how much I love them.

JC: Whoa, that is radical.

G_d: Yes it will be, for them.

JC: Huh. They’re not too radical down there.
You think they’ll listen to me?

G_d: You will be so quietly awesome, JC, they will be mesmerized by you.

JC: Or will they call me crazy and try to off me?
I mean, I would die for You, sure I would.

G_d: Oh no, no, that won’t be necessary. I don’t think it will come to that.
You’ll teach them. Show them how good it feels to love.
They will love you.

JC: Okay, well yeah. Sure. Either way I’m – I’m good.
They really need some love down there.
I’m Your Man!
I mean I’m your kid, but I will be Your man before You know it.

G_d: Oh, and tell them that each one of them is my kid.

JC: No kidding?

G_d: Of course! If they were not my kids, they would not exist.

JC: Ahhh. Gotcha …
I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this.
But you’ll keep talking to me when I’m down there, right?

G_d: Of course I will. I talk to everybody, even though most are deaf to me.
But I made your ears extra wide open. You will hear me all the time.

JC: Cool. Thanks, Dad.

G_d: I love to be called Dad, but I’m not a guy. You know that, right?
Not masculine or feminine – those are of Duality.
I am the Mystery.
I am One, and One Alone.
I am All.
I Am.

JC: You blow my mind.
I hear You.
You are infinite.

G_d: But call me Dad anyhow, because humans can relate to fathers.

Many hundreds of years later …

JC: They wrote stuff I didn’t even say!
They’re preaching but not loving each other.
They magnify my suffering, make it a big drama, that one lousy afternoon!
Resurrection was a bonus to show there is no death, so they can relax.
But they’re not relaxing.

G_d: You wowed them at the end, so they’re stuck on that.

JC: They keep forgetting the love, the love I showed them practically every day of my life, Your Big Love.

G_d: You did a good job, Son.

JC: And now that archbishop says I died to save humans from their sins, their mistakes?
What a lotta chutzpah!
Like my death would magically repair all the harm anybody ever did to anybody, for all time?
I never said that!
They wrote it in ‘cuz they liked the idea!

G_d: The semantics are slippery, but maybe it conveys that mistakes are forgivable. Nothing is unforgivable.

JC: Then they arrive here, shocked to discover they must make amends – piles of work to repair what they botched up in themselves and others.
They thought I paid for their mistakes? The nerve!
We gotta be responsible for ourselves.
I’m just saying.

G_d: Patience. It’s hard to grow up, but they’ll do it. They’ll figure it out.
We have all the time in the worlds.

One millennium later …

G_d: Planet Earth is getting much closer now.
There’s more friendship around the globe since the internet began.

JC: Yeah, thanks for inventing the internet, Dad.
And I like how that USA president makes people feel so much smarter, trusting in their own common sense.

G_d: Let’s also make them more contemplative, so they’ll notice the love in their hearts.
A few of them are catching on.
I want them to slow down and love each other more.

JC: In my experience they’re never going to slow down.
They have tunnel vision on everything they want to accomplish, to have fun, make money, and be popular. Nothing wrong with that, maybe, but –
The more they step on each other and strive for themselves alone, the more damage they do to each other and to Mother Earth.
The busier they get, the worse they get. But they can’t stop themselves.
No self-control.
Some of them are half-crazed, foaming at the mouth, but helpless.

G_d: Well, let’s figure out a way to stop them in their tracks.
We need something to make everybody stay home for a while, so they can get quiet inside.
They need to see what’s most important.
Let’s restrict them just enough, restrict them away from each other, so they will value their friendships and their loves with the fresh eyes of gratitude.

JC: Yeah –

G_d: It would work even better if we stop their physical touch, their hugs. Imagine that.
What if we keep them, oh, six feet apart from each other?

JC: That’ll make them want to hug and love on each other more than ever.

G_d: If we pin them down a bit, stop cars, planes, and factories, Earth will get to breathe again. She’s asthmatic with all that pollution.

JC: Yeah.
Think, think, think.
Well of course, You’re brilliant.
I know You’ll come up with something.



(When she’s not busy with Distance Healing sessions, teaching meditation, and blogging on health, Diane likes to write flash fiction.)

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