Fantastic Immune Boost Self-care from Donna Eden

Master Healer Donna Eden is one of my heroes, truly.
She radiates light and joy.

When she was a young mother, doctors gave up on her chronic illness and told her to put her affairs in order. (They said she was a goner.)

Using Energy Medicine, even discovering some methods herself (she was born seeing energy) – Donna regained vibrant health.

She became the joyful matriarch of and author of Energy Medicine.
She has taught more than 30,000 students all over the world for more than three decades.

On her many free videos, you’ll see why I feel that Donna is the definition of “effervescence.”
She’s the real deal.
She sees the energy in and around us.
She knows we are made of energy.
Eventually humankind will catch up to her vision.
But you can participate in it now, for free.

Donna Eden cares so much about people, she has created numerous self-care videos on how to tap or massage your own meridians and energy centers for good health and lightness.

Every day for years I have been using her 5 minute energy routine.

This past week (as I continue to recover from Coronavirus), it dawned on me that I needed her triple warmer smoothie several times a day. This was because my nervous system had been on hyper-alert for so long and so hard, that my body was beyond depleted. Too much stress for too long. Donna’s triple warmer smoothie calms down layers upon layers of stress – even the layers we don’t know we have.

Recently Donna put out two videos containing multiple methods to help us boost our immune system. Give them a look. You’ll be glad you did.

Energy Tools To Help You Feel Safer during the Coronavirus Outbreak

More Tools To Stay Safe – Update for Coronavirus

(I wish I had seen these before I got sick. Oh well, C’est la vie.)
(How am I doing? This week: dizzy fatigue in the mornings, but near-normal in the afternoons. Making progress. So close to healthy, I can taste it! Huzzah!)

And How are You doing?


Donna Eden vimeo

(Thanks to vimeo for this screenshot of Donna Eden, though I don’t think it does her justice.)


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  1. Great post, thank you Diane! I am familiar with the Daily Energy Routine, but the triple warmer smoothie is a lovely sweet treat! Thank you!

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