Protect Your Lungs in the Epidemic

I am not in sales, no kickbacks here, but I am passionate about health (especially at the moment, as I finish my personal Coronavirus journey – more on that in a few days).

Two products came highly recommended to me by alternative health professionals, and I am feeling their good effects, so I’d like to share the news.

You might add these to your list of Coronavirus Treatments, because both protect and heal the lungs, and the lungs are major players in this pandemic.

Both products are based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and both are a blend of many herbs and fruits (two of which they have in common).

Each blend is so unique and varied, I decided to use both for myself. (You must decide for yourself. I can’t prescribe.) I figure they are herbs and plants, not chemicals, and my use of them is temporary, so I feel safe in doing so.

(When I spoke with my Naturopathic Doctor about this virus, he said this virus is a brand-new animal, no data, use the treatments that resonate for you. That’s the best we know. That and Vitamin C, which has an excellent track record in China and New York. AND Hydration, tons of water. I like to add hi-mineral salt to my water.)

Here they are, pictured below, Lung Flush and ClearLungs Extra Strength:

Lung Flush (liquid) by Omega Alpha company (Maintenance dose 1 Tablespoon [15 ml] per day, but Dr. Chang at the company says you can take that dose up to 4 times a day, when dealing with an active lung problem.)

ClearLungs Extra Strength (capsules) by Ridgecrest Herbals (2 capsules each day, says the label)

Here’s to your good health!

lung-flush products

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