Tune In and Be Super, Bring in Cosmic Light and Love

People all over the world are meditating together to bring more Cosmic Light and Love to the planet. To diminish pain and bring in more peace, love, and harmony.

Past experiments demonstrate the power of group meditation and group prayer.
My friends and I join each other vibrationally at noon for a 10-minute world meditation/prayer every day.
Connect with us (feel the love!),
or get your friends together at your favorite time.
There is strength in numbers, in togetherness.

Before it begins, drink some water and relax.
(Perhaps use toning, breath work, or meridian tapping to let go of stress.)

When it’s time, take a comfortable seat.
Breathe deeply into your belly.
Let yourself melt and soften. Rest in the Earth.

Envision Cosmic light pouring into the whole earth, filling the whole planet.
Imagine Mother Earth receiving this light.
This light and love flows into the soil, into the seas. It fills the plants and trees.

Mother Earth is saturated with light and love, feeling renewed and refreshed.

Envision beautiful Cosmic light pouring into you and into all the inhabitants of the Earth.

This Light blesses and loves and restores you and each of your friends and family.
See this happening in your mind’s eye.
You, your friends and family begin to glow with this healing, loving light. How good it feels.

See this light pouring into your pets and into all the animals near you. Tame animals, wild animals, large and small. Rodents, everything.

See how this light fills up everybody, all your neighbors, all the people you know in your town, and all the people you don’t know.

See this light pouring into all the people of your region.
All the people in those countries near you.
See it lighting up each country around the world.

See this beautiful light flowing steadily down deeper into everything.
It flows ever deeper into all cells, deeper into all microbes.
Into the tiniest particles everywhere, deep within.

Breathe and continue to feel and envision the way this light fills and saturates every imaginable part of the world.

Soak up the love and support that is pouring into you and into everything through this Cosmic light.

Envision this light erasing all trouble and pain on the Earth, for the planet and for all the beings upon it.

Envision this light loving everything down to its very core.

Uplifting everything and everybody.
Bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all.

(Listen to an audio of the above guided meditation – click here.)

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