Focus on Love, the Blessing of this Season

The mind can focus on only one thing at a time: why not make it Love?

In this upturned season take a moment to let go of the craziness, let go of the fear-mongering news, exhale anxiety and take a fresh breath of Love.

Web of Love Meditation:

Find a comfortable position. Allow yourself to settle in.
To release tension let’s isometrically relax muscle groups, starting with the feet.
Tighten the muscles of your toes, your feet, your calves, tight tight tight, and let go. Loose and limp. Breathe and relax.
Tighten the muscles of your thighs and your seat, tight tight tight, and release. So loose. Breathe.
Tighten the muscles of your pelvis and lower abdomen tight tight tight, – and let go.
Tighten your trunk and your chest, tight tight tight – release – and breathe.
Tighten your hands and arms all the way up, tight tight tight – and let go.
Now carefully gently shrug your  shoulders,  tighten your neck, squeeze all your facial muscles, tight tight tight – and release.
Loose and Limp.

Take a full breath in and a long, long breath out.
Every exhale is a long release all the way down to your toes.
All tension leaves on the breath with every exhale.
Imagine your whole body deflating, becoming limp.
Exhale every toxin, all cellular garbage.
Exhale every worry and concern.

No work, no effort as you inhale.
Every inhale brings more light to all the places inside you.
Feel this light flowing in, perhaps pouring into your head and throughout your whole body. Wonderful comforting light.

Any areas of discomfort, feel them softening with every breath.
Feel them melting.

As we continue, if any distractions pop up in your mind, let them drift away as you return to your focus – which is to breathe, soften, and imagine.

Now place your attention on your heart.
Breathe straight into your heart.
Feel, sense, or imagine your heart growing extra warm and expansive.

Your heart begins to glow with a beautiful pink light.
Breathe into this beautiful glow and allow it to expand.
This pink light is filled with love.

Imagine or feel a warmth at the top of your head.
Allow Divine Love and Light to flow in through your head down into your heart.

With every breath more love and light fills your heart.
You are beloved.

Your heart fills up, fills up.

It may overflow with unconditional love.

Imagine your whole chest radiating the light of love.

Now take a cord of pink light and send it straight from your heart to the heart of someone you love. See them there. This person might be anywhere on the planet, but you can connect with them through this cord of pink light.

Feel the flow of love from your heart to their heart.
And receive their love flowing to you.
Breathe and bask in this love you feel for each other.

Take a second cord of pink light and place it gently to the heart of another friend.
Take your time and feel the love that flows between you.
Feel the way you support each other.

Perhaps you have a friend or relative to whom you simply pour love, without a two-way exchange. This is fine.
You won’t be over-giving with this.

You are saturated in Divine love, and you are sharing love effortlessly.

How good does it feel to rest in the vibration of love?

Take a third cord of  pink light and send it to another person anywhere in the whole wide world, or perhaps someone in the spirit world.
It may be someone you haven’t seen in ages.
It may be someone you met in another country.
It may be someone in your memories.

Still, the two of you are connected.
Feel the love flowing between you.
Savor this love.

Send out as many pink cords as you wish, to all of your many beloved ones.
To everybody you ever befriended.
Perhaps to everybody you ever met.

Make a wide web of love.
Take your time and luxuriate in all these loving connections.

Build your image of your web of love.
Return and add to it any time of the day or night.
Bask in this abundance of Love.

Hear an audio of this meditation.

The vision for this meditation grew out of my friendship with my non-physical friend, Dr. James Martin Peebles.
Take a listen to what he has to say about our current Coronavirus pandemic.


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