Feel Better Now with this 10-minute Meditation

Refresh Yourself.
Get into a comfortable position and breathe into your belly. Allow your belly to stretch with every breath. This brings oxygen and comfort deeper into your whole system.

Every time you exhale, imagine yourself melting.
Take your time. Long exhalations turn on relaxation hormones and restore your body.
If your muscles are holding tension anywhere, imagine the tension melting away –
more and more with every breath.

No work, no effort, nothing to do right now except breathe and relax.

Let yourself be loose and limp.

Let go. Get heavy to the earth. Settle in.
Feel the earth under your feet, under your seat.
Allow the earth to hold you and support you.
Sink deeper and heavier.

Mother Earth is rich with nurturing elements, natural beauty, sustenance and support.
If you like, send gratitude to Earth for all she does for us.
Perhaps you feel, sense or imagine earth energy coming up into your feet, your legs, your hips, and up into your whole body.

Breathe, melt, and sink a little more.
Exhale and melt.

If you like, imagine opening the top of your head to the heavens and allow light to come streaming down into your scalp, into your brain, down your spinal cord and into the whole network of your nerves, spreading light into every cell of your body.

This light brings peace and comfort and healing.
It washes and comforts every part of you.

Imagine this light also flowing into your neck and shoulders, down your arms, down into your lungs and heart and digestive organs, down into your hips and your legs, all the way into your feet.

It soothes everything.

Let go. Melt even more. No work, no effort.

Imagine that every in-breath brings more light into you.
Every out-breath releases cellular waste products, worries and concerns.

Exhale anything that troubles you.
Exhale every burden.
You don’t need to deal with anything right now.
Release everything that doesn’t serve you.

Inhale more delicious light.

Fill up with more and more light.

This light builds brighter and brighter within you.

If a thought or a worry pops up in your head, let it drift away like a leaf in the wind.
You don’t need to deal with anything right now.
Gently return to your focus.

Inhaling light, exhaling darkness,
melting – ever more loose and limp.

Imagine yourself at a beautiful seashore.
Feel yourself there.
Feel the sand or the ground supporting you.
Feel the beauty of this wonderful comfortable place.

Look out upon the vast horizon of the endless ocean.
It seems to go on forever.

It puts everything else in perspective.

Watch and listen to the waves roll in and roll out.
Listen to their sound.
The waves are hypnotic and steady, rolling in, rolling out.

Let your breath match the rhythm of the waves.

Inhale as the wave rises, glides in, and comes to a crest.

With your exhale the wave curls into frothy surf.

It washes over the shore,

slipping slowly back into itself.

Your breath flows effortlessly with every wave.

Every wave soothes you deeper and deeper.

You can stay here awhile with this imagery, breathing and relaxing with the ocean waves.


A spoken audio version similar to this post (Refresh Meditation) is available on  joystream.net  and on SoundCloud.

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