The Super Happy Habit that You Really Need

Gordon the Grateful was 90 years old when he came to visit us for a few days. My husband had met him on a cruise across the Atlantic, where “the ladies of all ages were all over him.” Hubby thought it was because Gordon could dance so well.
Gordon allowed that learning to dance at a young age and learning how to treat a lady had served him well.

But when I got to know him, I saw the main attraction was not the dancing.
It was Gordon’s sense of awe and deepest gratitude for everything he looked upon.
He had such a big streak of appreciation running all the time.
Bring him a glass of water – “Wow! This is delicious!”
Sit on the porch – “Wow! What a blue sky!”
See a large insect flying by – “Wow! That’s remarkable, how they carry themselves!”

Everything was wondrous to him.
Hanging out with him on the porch became a grand lesson in how to value things deeply.

We bring value (or lack of value) to everything we look upon.
The merit of it arises in our eyes, in our regard, in our attitude.

That’s the power of our attention.
We can focus on the bleak, grim, sad, scary things and amplify them.
We can focus on the beautiful, graceful, comforting things and amplify them.

Life is an inside job.
We project everything and amplify everything, taking ourselves up and down the emotional roller coaster.

If we hold a habit of critical negative self-talk, and we don’t like ourselves much, then we are looking at the world through garbage-colored glasses.

It’s vital to talk to yourself in loving tones.
Speak to yourself as to a dear friend or a treasured child – because you are.
Love yourself, honor yourself as a beloved piece of the universal puzzle.
You are indeed beloved, and your role is important.
(If you were not essential, you would not exist.)

Forgive yourself. Forgive everybody. Forgive everything. No need to carry a single burden.

. . . Coincidentally Gordon was gradually losing his vision. Perhaps the preciousness of his sight amplified his enthusiasm. (And certainly life is more cherished the closer we get to leaving it.)

But hey, when I met him, I was barely using the sight I was given, barely seeing the beauty in my ordinary day.
It’s not easy to catch the gratitude habit, to count our blessings (like Grandma advised).
It’s fun to count blessings with a focus wheel.

Some years later now, on my morning walk I praise the birds aloud for their melodious music. I touch the leaves of a tree and thank it for standing in such beauty for so long.
I feel it matters, to love them out loud. It matters to them and to me.

Can I carry this outlook through my day?
But I’m working on it. Maybe at the age of 90?
Won’t it be amazing to love whatever is in front of our face, like Gordon did?
Nothing to fix or improve?
Everything lovely, as it is?

“Days pass and years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles. Lord, fill our eyes with seeing and our minds with knowing. Let there be moments in which Your Presence, like lightning, illumines the darkness in which we walk.” – Hebrew Sabbath Prayer

How do you do gratitude? Please comment below.

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8 Responses to The Super Happy Habit that You Really Need

  1. Leivonen, Denise says:

    Dear Diane – Wonderful blog as always. I sent it to …

    Good morning Dad, Gene, Nadine & Jack and Tom. Hope you are all having a wonderful day. I wanted to share this wonderful blog of Diane’s with you. I think of all of you are very optimistic, grateful & amazing examples for everyone. Love you all so very much! Denise & Rick and all of our family

    I will share with a few people at work & also with Rick. I am very grateful to you little sister for all you have taught me forever! I am so grateful that you have found your passion in energy work, meditation, writing, optimism, exercise & the list goes on. God bless you and my eternal gratitude. Love you so much! Denise

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  2. Tom Parnell says:

    I am having far too much fun living now. My Kay passing left me thinking life was over for me 13 years ago.” Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” A Kay quote!. Then,it was one day at a time till the wound became a scar. Now it’s friends like you,parties where children play and laugh, golf, convertible M G rides in cool summer evenings. Still people are the most entertaining, what’s not to love.


  3. Lyle Langlois says:

    ALL of my children (six) and my 14 grandchildren make me a very BLESSED guy!
    Alberta, Pat and Kay were all perfect in the way they loved me and I them.
    I recently recd a New Zealand priest who married us He used Kay and I in a sermon


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