Stay Healthy Not Scared in the Impending Epidemic

Don’t panic – you’ve already had a Coronavirus, probably when you were a kid or any old time since then. A Coronavirus is shaped like a crown (“corona”), and these viruses have been around since the 1960s. They produce a cold, sniffles, sore throat, sometimes a fever.
The new type, “2019 novel Coronavirus” (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) can be vigorous. Symptoms are like the common cold and appear 2 to 14 days after exposure.
[Two weeks after this post, a bit more clarity from CDC: first sign tends to be fever; nose tends to stay dry, and a dry cough; sometimes sore throat, headache, fatigue, aches (these last 3 more common with flu).]

For people with a weak immune system and the elderly, if the virus advances into pneumonia, respiratory failure or septic shock, it can be fatal.
[Not to make light of it – especially because two weeks after this writing, COVID-19 had spread a lot. Guess I was a bit too casual with this post. Sorry about that.] 

The CDC recommends to do the same things as ever to avoid catching the virus:

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • If you catch a cold take extra good care of yourself: plenty of rest, fluids, and cold medicine. (Chicken soup with garlic and hot sauce – that’s what I like.)

And I would add:

  • Don’t be depleted in Zinc, Magnesium, or Potassium – boost veggies and supplements if needed. These minerals are vital for your immune system.
  • Must stay well hydrated. It matters Big-time on the cellular level.
  • Get good restorative sleep. Learn to relax as a daily practice.
  • Drink warm liquids every evening to wash potential viruses out of the throat.
  • On the hint of a sore throat, Gargle with warm/hot salt water (get the germ out).
  • On the hint of nasal drainage, Use your Neti pot (wash out microbes and pollens).
  • LISTEN and respond to the hints your body gives you.
    The moment you get the inkling of a cold, try the Quick Fixes for any virus, below.

Take extra good care of yourself now, even when you’re not sick.
Listen to your body and give it what it needs: plenty of water, healthy foods, exercise, and rest.
Limit sugar and junk foods, which weaken your body.

This may be a no-brainer, but:
Don’t let your toothbrush or drinking cup sit out in the open air of the bathroom, especially if your plumbing is connected to other households, like in a group of apartments. (Even if you have your plumbing all to yourself, micro-droplets spread around the room with the flush of the toilet, and germs are proliferating.)

If you’re living with a sick person, you might use anti-microbe spray on doorknobs, faucets, refrigerator door, counter-tops.
“Thieves” spray is made with essential oils – clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosemary. (Legend says robbers used this blend to protect themselves from catching the plague while stealing things.)

Quick fixes for any virus
Besides the above points, when you are extra depleted or catching a cold, nip it in the bud with your choice of these Virus Remedies:

  • Elderberry syrup – shown to inhibit viruses and reduce the impact of illness.
  • The B-vitamin Pantothenic acid – with vitamin C and lemon water (find out more).
  • ColdCalm and Oscillococcinum are good homeopathic antivirals (find out more).
  • Osha root extract is a great antiviral to alleviate symptoms (find out more).
  • 3 cloves fresh minced garlic with 2 packets Emergen-C (C and B vitamins) in a large glass of water, taken several times a day can resolve a new cold.
  • Zinc lozenges and products can help.
  • Probiotics support the digestive flora – crucial for the immune system.
  • Essential oils diffused into the air or used topically (diluted with a carrier oil) can be good antiviral agents. “Thieves” blend, Oregano oil, Tea Tree oil are often used.

Again it’s vital to use these remedies ASAP to nip it in the bud, rather than waiting till you’re flat-out desperately sick (because at that point they are less effective – although Osha root, fresh garlic drink, and inhaling Tea Tree have pulled me out of misery).

Also note: if you have used one main remedy for years, it’s a good idea to change it sometimes. The longer you ingest a remedy, the more it may lose its effect. 

To stay healthy in the long run, virtually everybody needs to heal the digestive tract, which is greatly suffering in the past few generations.
80% of our immune system depends on a healthy gut with a diverse assortment of good bacteria – our microbiome. Modern people tend to have a weak microbiome.
Strong and diverse microbiota are essential for resistance to contagious diseases.
Our microbiota thrive on a wide variety of fiber, from beans to whole grains to veggies.

Finally I’d like to add that when I do get sick, the vibrational practice of Toning helps me let go of it and re-calibrates my whole system.

What helps you? Let us know in the comments below.

(P.S. We have no use for fear, here. Fear is a magnet you don’t want to use. Keep your confidence up, no worries. See How to Feel Better.)

P.P.S. – BTW my local friends at Natures Oils make ‘Fresh Mouth Blend’ that is an equivalent to Thieves with a couple modifications for greater effectiveness. Each evening before you brush your teeth, put one drop on top of your toothpaste. It inhibits germs and plaque. They also suggest to put one drop on your hands; rub them together (getting all the acupressure points in the hands) – then cup your hands over your nose, to inhale the ‘aroma’ assisting with the health of your lungs.
Natures Oils ships everywhere in the U.S.

Immune Boosters
How to Not Get Sick from the Big Virus

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Coronavirus Remedies

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