How to Energize, Cheer Up in 90 Seconds Now

Take a minute to calm, reset, and energize.
Drop the burdens.
(Rate how you feel before and after this sequence. And hey, if somebody walks in while you’re pulling your ears, just wink.)

7 easy steps to feel better:

  1. Deep breath (let your belly stretch outward) – exhale and melt, loose and limp.
  2. Settle your feet (and your seat) into the Earth. Be heavy. Let the Earth hold you.
  3. Exhale worries, burdens, garbage. Inhale light. More light flows in with each breath.
  4. Point your palms to the ground. Big exhale: send troubles into Earth (as compost).
  5. Tap or rub below your clavicles. (These sore spots carry stress.)
  6. Rest your palms snugly under your ribcage (thumbs on ribs). Relax 20-30 seconds.
  7. Finish by massaging your ears from top down – and a gentle pull on the ear lobes.

How do you feel now?
When you get into the habit, this quick comfort routine takes less than 90 seconds.

How and Why does this work?
Slow deep breaths naturally turn on your relaxation hormones.
Belly-breathing, expanding your belly, brings oxygen in deeper.

Grounding ourselves to the Earth, settling into the Earth, brings not only natural soothing energy but also centers us in this present moment (and in the Presence underlying all things).

The imagery of exhaling your troubles and inhaling light is effective because energy follows attention. Your attention enlivens whatever it rests upon.

Rubbing below the clavicles literally releases stored-up tension, stress, and static energy. (These spots are part of the meridian energy system used in acupuncture.)

Holding your hands under the ribcage calms the fight-or-flight adrenaline. Simply resting your palms here helps to energetically balance the adrenal glands. This feels quite comforting and refreshing.

As for the ear massage, in Chinese medicine the entire body is represented in the ear, similar to the reflexology zones in the feet. By pulling and rubbing your ears you are nurturing your whole body.

I call this 90 seconds well-spent.
What do you think?
What do you feel?
Let me know.

Sending thanks for several of the above methods given by Donna Eden (#7), the EFT Meridian tapping community (#5), and Dr. James Martin Peebles (#4).

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(Thanks to Piqsels for this image – we added the sub-clavicle and adrenal spots.)

woman beach Piqsels 7 steps 96dpi improved

7 steps to feel better:

  1. Deep belly-breath; Exhale, Melt.
  2. Settle / ground to the Earth. Be heavy, loose and limp.
  3. Exhale worries and burdens. Inhale light, more light.
  4. Point palms to ground. Big exhale: send compost to Earth.
  5. Tap or rub below clavicles; let go the tension/stress.
  6. Rest palms snug under ribcage. Breathe easy, 20-30 sec.
  7. Massage ears from top down; gently pull on ear lobes.


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