How to Not Get Sick from the Big Virus

Yes, we can wash our hands a lot and avoid touching our face, but in the long run, to resist new viruses that keep popping up, you want to strengthen your immune system.

70% to 80% of your immune system strength depends on your gut health, your digestion, and your microbiome of good bacteria.

Your gut health is a gigantic topic and that is why you should follow the links above.
Every day eat a diversity of plants, fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, whole grains – because your microbiota thrive on all of that, and your body relishes those foods.
Animal protein is okay, but remember, plant foods empower your body like nothing else.
What you put in your mouth is up to you.
Want to stay healthy?

For good health your immune system also demands:

  • Restorative sleep – don’t skimp on sleep.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Excellent hydration – drink plenty of water.
  • Stress reduction – meditate 5 min. a day. When pressured: remember full deep slow breaths, to relax naturally.

To avoid contagious germs:

* Frequent hand washing, soapy scrubbing 15 seconds (sing Happy Birthday to yourself). At the very least, wash hands after contact with the public and before every meal.

* Hand washing is better than hand sanitizer gels which deplete the good skin flora, can build up colonies of resistant germs, and can damage your skin. Hand sanitizers do kill most viruses and bacteria (but not spores), but overusing them can backfire on you. (They are convenient at times.)

* In a public bathroom use your paper towel to shut off the faucet and open the exit door.

* Learn the habit of not touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears (unless your hands are freshly washed).

* Drink warm/hot liquids each day (especially at the end of your day) to wash proliferating viruses out of the throat.

* Gargle once or twice a day with warm salt water (or antibacterial mouthwash, if you wish). A virus usually takes 2 to 3 days after initial infection in the throat/nose to proliferate and show symptoms.

* Each evening (or at least when you’ve been near germs, or your nose feels funny), use a Neti Pot (a.k.a. SinuCleanse or other brands). This sinus irrigation pours into one nostril and out the other, as you lean over your sink. (Warm water with a tiny-spoon combo of salt and baking soda.)
If you can’t use a Neti Pot – each evening blow the nose hard and swab the nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water. This can help bring down the viral population.

* Eat foods rich in Vitamin C and Zinc to support natural immunity.

And PUL-EESE, if you sneeze, CONTAIN it with a DAB into your elbow (see image below).

Any more ideas? Please share them with us here.

Links with suggestions on what to do ASAP if you start to feel sick:

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(Thanks to Wikipedia for the sneeze image, and Daily Mail U.K. for the DAB image.)
Sneeze n DAB

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