Do You Know Why Google Blocks Natural Treatments?

Yikes, another way we are getting manipulated. I just found out that for the past 7 months or more, the  search engine of Google obstructs me from seeing what I want.
In case you have not heard, here’s the deal.
Google has joined the pharmaceutical industry, supporting two big drug companies which are partnered with Big Pharma in a united front to keep us spending our money on pills!
(To clarify: Google’s parent company, Alphabet, owns drug companies Calico and Verily, partnered with GlaxoSmithKline. Google backs them and shares their drug-money pie.)

Big Pharma has controlling interests not only in Google but also in Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and other sources of social media. They already bury and hide articles on Alternative Health, natural treatments, natural choices which oppose pharmaceuticals.
Amazon has already removed lots of Alternative Health books and resources.

The algorithms used on Google search engines slant everything toward conventional pharmaceutical medicine.
When we “Google” for Alternative Health info and Natural Treatments, the first links are places like Mayo Clinic and conventional Pharmacy-supported styles of medicine.

Of course they all detract from, frown upon, and warn against alternative choices.
Of course they tell you not to touch your natural non-chemical non-profit choice.
Of course they tell you to stop and ask your doctor.

Ask your doctor, who may be financially invested in this whole system of Big Pharma, which has always paid commissions to doctors for writing prescriptions. (After the 2010 Physician Payments Sunshine Act increased transparency about commissions, still about half of U.S. medical doctors received payments from Big Pharma in 2015, and that tradition has not stopped.)

Let’s liberate ourselves from this whole wrongheaded mess of chemical drugs that suppress symptoms and don’t heal the root cause of illness.

Remember, to put a drug on the market, the company must show it is 37% effective.
And sometimes the placebo tested against it is 35% effective (or more).*
What are we looking at?
A 2% advantage???
And 63% of the pill-takers may get no relief?? (Who makes those rules?!)
(Certainly some drugs are effective and useful, but generally we are overloaded with pills that are unimpressive and often damaging.)

It was only 200 years ago that we began to use chemical drugs based on plant remedies, but at this point many drugs do more harm than good.

The drug machine doesn’t care how destructive they are. They’re making more money than any other business in the USA, with huge profit margins. They’re the biggest spenders in lobbying the government to get their own way. After they injure and destroy people, they pay huge sums in lawsuits. Naturally they keep raising their prices on you, why not?

They work hard to convince us we need pills. They inflate our fear of illness and death. They twist our minds in their favor from every possible angle.

We know the irony of the beautifully filmed pill commercial which ends with all the dastardly side-effect warnings, right?? Sheesh!!
We’re not stupid, and we don’t need Them!

Drugs squash symptoms but don’t address the source of illness.
We need to treat the root cause, not the symptoms.

Here’s my rant, my passion:
We already have quicker, effective, natural ways of healing.
Acupuncture has provided healing for thousands of years.
Newer energy healing methods are also remarkable.
Quantum Physics keeps showing us the efficacy of energy medicine.
Our attitude/ mind/ energy/ biophotons/ vibration play vital roles in our health.

 Why Energy Healing is the Medicine of the Future – by Donna Eden
Your Bright Energetic Matrices, at the Speed of Light
How about Your Delightful Streams of Info-Energy?

Biologist Bruce Lipton tells us our brain literally adjusts blood chemistry according to our perceptions, attitudes, moods. Deep in our biological cellular health, “thoughts and perceptions have a direct and overwhelmingly significant effect on cells,” says Lipton.

(Read: drop your stress, because stress is the root cause of nearly all illness.) 

We can heal with our mind, our energy, and with sound, with vibration, without drugs.
In a few more generations drugs will be out, energy medicine will be in.
But we can start Now, why not?

Okay, the point here is to say, Google has joined Big Pharma (and I’m late to hear it).
We already know Google collects too much of our personal information and invades our privacy.
Google gives us excellent email, storage, Google Drive, Google Play apps, e-books, calendar, YouTube and Maps, but heck if I will let them be my browser anymore.

I want the truth more than I want Google.

Following the savvy advice of my adult kids, I’m now browsing the web with DuckDuckGo. This way I can avoid roadblocks, find less-biased information, and keep more of my privacy intact.

Internet activists prefer Gibiru search engine with a Mozilla Firefox extension, to provide uncensored content and airtight personal privacy.

What do you think of all this?
I say, we are not sheep to be herded around!

*some placebos have been 60% to 70% effective, because yes, your intention is that strong – You Need to Know the Magic of Placebo
Drugs are Outrageous
Energy Medicine Research to Give You New Hope

Check out the power of your intention with Lynne McTaggart

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  1. Nicole Brown says:

    Hi Diane, thank you for finding this out and speaking up. It is very disturbing when there are wonderful ways to help people heal without the pills. Keep doing a good job.
    Sending love, Niki


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