Special Key to Freedom from Burdens of Ancestral “Destiny”

The chronic habits, emotional tones, recurring difficulties of your ancestors do not have to be yours – although they can disturb you, if you let them.

Consider: what limiting patterns did your parents and grandparents pass on to you?
Even earlier ancestors, those you never met, were shaped by their hardships, sorrows, famines, wars, vengeance – and passed those on to their descendants.

How many burdens do you carry from your lineage?
Do you unwittingly keep those troubles alive?
(I know I’ve done so.)

When we release that baggage, we gain freedom and lightness.

My friend and teacher Eileen McKusick (founder of Biofield Tuning) refers to this ancestral baggage as “Energenetics.”
She speaks about how often people can’t move forward, can’t make a lasting change, until they release those burdens.
The following is an excerpt from her post, “Energenetics and Healing and You” – (read the full post here)


. . .  Energenetics . . . is the tone of the genetic song that you have inherited. For example, if there is a history of depression in one or both sides of your ancestry, that tone (which sounds like a low undertone reflected in the tuning fork) will be present in your DNA. Your experience of your depression could be simply something you inherited, and not really “yours” as we tend to think.

These emotional inheritances, of sadness, of anger, of frustration, of powerlessness, influence us far more than most of us realize. And what I see people doing, over and over again, is claiming ownership of these tonal inheritances and then beating themselves up when they struggle unsuccessfully to shift them.

I even had this experience myself: I had a constant low level background feeling of sadness for as long as I could remember. It would especially come up when I exercised, sweat, or did yoga. No matter how much I tried to heal it, it just wouldn’t budge. 

Then, in a session I received from one of my students, it became evident to both of us that this sadness was actually not even mine but my mother’s. I had absorbed it in utero, I had inherited it on a cellular level.

As soon as I realized that it wasn’t mine, I was able to let it go. It was as simple as that. And, the Biofield Tuning also helped- to reveal it, and to harmonize it. However numerous sessions prior to this realization had failed to crack that nut – it was the healing plus the awareness that allowed me to let it go.

I often find that when we are struggling with some kind of difficult and persistent emotion or behavior we can’t seem to fix, we tend to turn to some kind of addiction to repress it- this could be sugar, alcohol, shopping, tv, etc. Take a good look at what you might be repressing and the next time you are confronted by something in your behavior that is confounding and defies resolution, ask yourself the questions “where did this come from?” “to whom does this really belong?” “is this really mine?” “can I let this go if it isn’t mine?”  . . .

– Eileen Day McKusick


(Biofield Tuning  can be done in person or at a distance.) 

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