Magic Moment Luxury Meditation at the Beach

For a moment let go of the pressures of your day, your week, your month.
Isometrically tense, squeeze, then release each muscle group, starting at the feet.
Contract; let go.
The flow restores itself deliciously.
Tense and relax your leg muscles – your seat muscles – your midsection. Shrug your shoulders tight – and relax. Stiffen your arms and fists – let go.
Scrunch the face – release and melt.

Exhale all your concerns. Every stress, toxin, and waste washes out from every cell of your body.
All burdens leave on your out-breath like a gray mist.
Exhale everything that does not serve you. Let go.

With every out-breath you become more loose and limp.
With every in-breath, light pours into you, into every cell.

Find yourself in a sunny day at a lovely beach.
Step into the softest sand you have ever felt. So fluffy, the sand rises around your feet as you wander toward the sea.

It’s a deep turquoise sea,  a remarkable color.
The temperature is ideal, comfortable. The sunshine sparkles.  A slow easy breeze blows in with the gentle waves.
The turquoise water is so clear, you can see down through it to the sandy bottom.

Inhale deeply. Saturate yourself with this beautiful place, these beautiful waters.

How cold is the water? Dip your foot into the surf. It feels delicious. Quite comfortable, not cold nor warm.

Frothy bubbles wash your feet.
The tide ebbs and pulls the soft sand from underneath your feet.
The next moment the sea flows in again over your feet, over your ankles.

You linger, feeling the surf come and go.
You feel lucky to be right here right now.

The sea rolls in, rolls out again.
Hypnotic and delicious.

You’re ready to wade into the waters and become part of this vibrant turquoise sea.
(To make it effortless, you’re wearing a life jacket. You are perfectly safe.)

Go in up to your knees, walk through the splashing breakers.
Beyond the breakers you are up to your thighs.
Effortlessly you swim into the wondrous water.

It saturates you, surrounds and fills you.
Refreshes all of you.
It washes your brain into peace and contentment.

You reach deeper into the luscious water, swimming smoothly and easily to where the rounded waves rise up.
Every few seconds another hump of beautiful saltwater rolls in.

Your life jacket buoys you up.
You flow up and down with each beautiful wave.
What a sweet ride – free and easy, delightful.

Your feet no longer touch the ocean floor, but you don’t care.
It’s easy to be here and stay fairly close to the shore.
You feel perfectly free, perfectly flowing.

Close your eyes, let the sunshine bathe your face.
Let the breeze stroke your hair.
You rise up and down.
Let yourself be carried.

To your surprise something nudges your arm.
It’s a dolphin, right there next to you. Awesome.
She curls around you, makes a U-turn.
She lifts her head higher out of the water to look at you.

The dolphin dips down underneath you and comes up the other side, brushing gently against your legs.
When she glides by again, you touch her side. Her silver skin is slick, soft, yet firm and strong.
She doesn’t shy away from you.
She returns for another pass.

Now she rises up out of the water playfully.
She tosses her head back as if to invite you along.
She arches and dives under the water again, zooming so close alongside that your  hand catches her dorsal fin.

Now you fly along with her through the water, over the water.
She weaves her way up and down in the luscious turquoise waves.

Enjoy the freedom of her powerful swimming, her natural strength.
Feel her energy.
Feel her love.
Feel her grace.

Inhale deeply these sweet vibrations of sheer delight, happiness, universal friendship.


(Catch our Monday free meditations (5:00 pm) at Fountain Hills Library. Here’s a photo from my recent visit with dolphins.)

Diane does Biofield TuningChakra Repair and Balancing, energy healing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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