A Great Book from a Lovable Old Spook

Did I tell you about my non-physical friend, Dr. James Martin Peebles?
He’s a beautiful spirit who shares abundant love and wisdom with listeners and readers.

He calls himself an old spook, and his message is always love.

Why would I listen to a spirit, a spook?
Because sometimes in this Vale of Tears it’s hard to see the bigger picture.
It’s hard to take a step back and relax.
It’s hard to remember we are more than lowly Earthlings in a dog-eat-dog world.

We are spirits having a human experience.

We are much more than we appear to be.
The larger truth is comforting.
The larger truth is love.
You are love.
That’s who you are, Peebles reminds you.

Peebles always speaks from a place of inclusion. He includes everybody and everything.
As he says, we don’t need to hold anything or anybody at arm’s length.
The greater truth is love.
We are One.

Peebles stretches our understanding and broadens our minds.
Yet he fully understands and relates to how it feels to be a human,
how it feels when you want to choke somebody,
how it feels when you get fired,
how it feels when you fail,
how it feels when you are totally alone and dejected.
He gets it. And he gives practical advice.

His material resonates with me and refreshes me. I enjoy his spirit!

Born in 1822, died in 1922, Peebles was a minister and holistic physician who traveled the world (not just Europe but Asia, India, the Middle East, Polynesia). He was an American ambassador to Turkey, a participant in the Indian Peace Commission of 1868 and the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.

An extremely prolific writer and philosopher, Peebles was also a Spiritualist who communicated with the realms beyond this one and now continues to communicate with those of us on Earth.

The free eBook this week (Dec. 16 – 20, 2019) is
Making Sense of Life Eternal, by Sharon McMillan Butz (featuring Trance Medium, Summer Bacon)

I read and loved the book in 2015 when it first came out, so I think this is a screaming deal.
It’s a great compilation of conversations and Q&A with Dr. Peebles.
Sharon and Peebles cover a variety of topics including addictions, illness, mental disorders, other dimensions, religion and spirituality, ghosts, possession, animal heaven, Akashic records, Karma, psychic abilities, energy healing, and guidance of all kinds.

Save this link and grab this eBook free on Amazon December 16 – 20.

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Making Sense bk w Peebles profile


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