How to Gain Perspective Not Pounds This Season

They’re coming to take me away, the fudge, the cookies, the cake!
(They’re coming, they’re coming in their little white coats, Ho Ho, hee hee . . .)

The joyful sugary Holiday season arrives!
Can I be joyful without an overload of sugar?
Time will tell . . .

I mean, we are celebrating after all, sharing with our beloved peeps. We should enjoy ourselves, take pleasure in the moment.

The trouble comes when I go bonkers, go crazy with it.
I may wake up in January many pounds heavier, with my clothes too tight.
(Which kicks off the annual fitness month, so what the heck . . . ?)

Is it any accident that the belly chakra (3rd chakra) relates to willpower?
We do want a little willpower so we don’t eat to excess, right?

My Mom used to say,
“Get one good bite and savor the taste. You get all the flavor without a big portion.”

Yup. Sometimes I can do that.

Work smart, not hard.
Eat smart, not hard?

Well anyhow, take a look at these handfuls of food which are 100 calorie snacks.
(Handfuls except for that one tiny bite of the chocolate bar in the middle.)

We’re just looking for perspective.

Take a look at 5 Powerful Ways to Prevent Holiday Pounds for more “eat smart” ideas.


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(Thanks to the Huffington Post for this image which I altered slightly.)
100 cal snacks Huffington Xmas lights

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