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The 5th and final book of the “Isaac series” is completed!
Walking the Bridge: to Freedom and Light – Guidance from a Wisdom School volume 5

NOW is your chance to grab the wonderful eBook version,
TODAY!  (Nov 24)
And TOMORROW!  (Nov 25)

Go ahead!
Buy it for $0!

“Whaddaya got?” you may wonder.

We got inspiration,
seeing beyond the trouble,
shifting to ease,
lightening up.

All of the above saturated me on hearing Isaac’s teaching, on jotting it down, on re-reading it, editing it, polishing it for you.

My glow-factor ramps up when I ponder these pages.
Naturally I want to spread the glow!

Here’s what people have said about these books:

“profound wisdom, easy to absorb and just get happy from”

 “presented in such a positive spirit”

 “easy to read yet says a lot”

“deep, profound and well written”


“This will install a peace program in your hard drive.”

“Every word carries a powerful energy – I believe that you will feel the energy too.”

 “deep teachings presented in a simple clear manner”

“The content is very accessible no matter your spiritual level of understanding.”

“highly useful and inspiring”

“Profound wisdom in these pages has been distilled down for practical life.”

“Life changing. I highly recommend these books.”

Go ahead, take it now, while it’s free!

Tell your friends!
Share the joy.
Thank you.

P.S. If you prefer a regular book, you can get the print version here for a mere $11.

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