Discover The Amazing Magic Of Sound Healing

I had the good fortune to listen to an interview of David Gibson, an awesome sound healing pioneer. He gave a simple and elegant explanation of how sound healing works:

  • Everything has a vibration, a frequency.
  • Dissonant chaotic sounds such as those arising from shock or anger (“Arg!”) tear down the peace and harmony of our body and mind. (Chaotic noise also damages us.)
  • Smooth and steady vowel tones (intoning “oo” for awhile) naturally restore peace, comfort, and health right down into every cell of body and mind.

Even more remarkable, Gibson brings the good news that every disease has a particular frequency and can be reversed by finding the right frequency.
Scientists have already dissolved a cancer in this way. We can use frequency to either blow it up  and kill it,  or we can use frequency to harmonize it into health.

Gibson sees the future of medicine will be a 15 minute sound and frequency intervention to resolve any disease or trauma. Yes, even an injury heals quicker with the use of sound.

Sound health work can be used for physical healing, or for relaxation, productivity, creativity, and more.

All sound frequency approaches are helpful, from music therapy to Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, humming and so on.
The effect is amplified when combined with healing energy.
Of course the strongest effect occurs when sound is combined with Source energy, says Gibson.

Each of us also has a unique soul note, our home note, which restores us and brings us bliss.
Ideally we would use this soul note to reset ourselves whenever we need it – for body, mind, and soul. (Gibson says his note is the key of B.)
Gibson and his Globe Institute developed a method to find a person’s soul note. They offer a reasonably priced 20 minute Skype session followed up by a CD of music in the key of your soul note.
His site says controlled research shows that “when you resonate your frequency consistently, every organ and system in your body falls into alignment.”
This soul frequency or “root soul frequency” feels like home and puts you into feeling good.

Even without any technology whatsoever, you can use your own voice to express vowel sounds higher and lower, back and forth to find a tone that comforts you.
(Using your intuition you could do the same for a particular body part or for an ailing organ, perhaps.)

Generally any steady vowel sound will help you toward healing, harmony, peace, and ultimately bliss.

Gibson suggests that next time you’re in a difficult situation, an argument, or a long weary meeting, try silently saying an “Om” in your head.

Try toning any vowel sound gently in your head. Any vowel sound can increase your harmony, comfort and health.

Download David Gibson’s free music, an attunement to Gratitude.

See Gibson’s summary about “What Is Sound Healing

Check out Biofield Tuning, which uses sound and vibration on you personally to restore your healthy frequency. (Personal distance sessions also available.)


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(Thanks to etsy for this image of a standing wave of music on the surface of water – i.e. cymatics photo, visible sound art.)
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