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Are you as healthy as you want to be?
Have you considered your digestion?
Over a decade ago I started writing about leaky gut, even though the conservative medical establishment did not believe in it.
However at the grassroots level, treating leaky gut is helping tons of people
feel better in their body,
gain more energy,
quit the fatigue,
improve their immune system,
be more resistant to colds and flu,
reduce inflammation,
ease arthritis and Lupus,
diminish IBS and Crohn’s disease,
balance their thyroid,
lose their itchy rashes and their joint pain,
stop depression and anxiety,
clear their brain fog,
and even lose weight.

Currently the young and the old suffer odd inflammations and autoimmune diseases.
Most of these issues have their root cause in the steady decline of our gut and the poor quality of our microbiota, the good flora in our intestines.

Fewer good flora are being passed from generation to generation. Grandparents have a healthier digestive system compared to today’s children and young adults.
Modern stress levels, pollutants, pesticides, antibiotics, poor diet, toxins have damaged our gut health.

Your intestines play a gigantic role in your health – like 90% of your health depends on them!

Nowadays many practitioners inform everybody about gut health. Word has spread in the last 10 years.
Coming soon, this looks to be a great free class online: The Gut Solution Series. This is an exciting opportunity.
It comes with a free ebook PDF just for signing up. If you don’t have time to see the online videos, at least download the free PDF, 12 Ways to Repair Your Leaky Gut, which contains fantastic information for you to enhance your health for the rest of your life!
Class runs November 4 – 11.

P.S. I have no idea if this class will try to sell products, but remember, it should not be costly to heal your digestion. Check out my many posts on this topic, see links above and below.

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November 4th | Episode 1. The Gut: The Root Cause of Modern Disease

November 5th | Episode 2. The Hidden Causes of IBS, Acid Reflux & SIBO

November 6th | Episode 3. The Gut-Brain Connection: Gut Solutions for Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and Dementia

November 7th | Episode 4. Uninvited Guests: Parasites, Candida & Obesity

November 8th | Episode 5. Toxic Soup: Staying Healthy In Our Toxic World

November 9th | Episode 6. Restoring Balance: Probiotics, Poop Pills, Kimchi and the Autism Connection

November 10th | Episode 7. Not ‘Eating for Two’; Eating for Trillions.

November 11th | Episode 8. Getting Down & Dirty: Practical Solutions For Gut Health


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(Thanks to Gut Solution for this pic of the front of their eBook.)
12 ways heal Leaky Gut

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