Quick Fairy Tale Romp to the Rescue

Call me Razz. I tend to razz myself, alone in this tower. Rumination is not always a good thing. Thank goodness my angel hangs out with me. She’s my best friend.

She says, “Ah Rapunzel, all you wanna do is have some fun.”

“Right? My own vibe is comfy, and here in the tower I can blend with the bird songs.”

“Sweetness and light,” Angel agrees.

“Singing is enough for me.”

“It has to be,” says Angel. “There’s nothing else to do up here. But a change is coming.”

“Singing lightens my heart. I sing-talk with the birds. I make up new songs. Laaaaaaaaaa!”

“Halloo! What a beautiful voice you have, Milady!”

“Oh?” I hide at the edge of my window.  “There’s a man on a horse, Angel!”

“We’ve been expecting him.”

“Who are you, Man?”

“Milady – I am Roger. If you let me, I will take care of you. You’re so alone and so beautiful.”

“You can’t even see me yet. How am I beautiful?”

“Your voice is enough. Through your voice, I know you. I want to be your knight.”

“Do I need a knight? I don’t think I need one.”

“You don’t feel lonely?”

“Sometimes, yes, but angels and birds keep me company.” I lean on the windowsill to look at his handsome form.

“Ah, see? You are gorgeous! But there’s so much more to life than your tower. There’s so much more than you, alone, by yourself.”

“Says you.”

“Don’t you look out and wonder?”

“Okay, I do wonder.”

“And you want babies?”

“Oh, yes – babies!!”

“N’kay – if you want babies, I’m gonna have to come up there.”

“In your dreams. Nobody’s been able to get up here.”

“I can get up.”

“Cocky, aren’t you?”

“I’m a good climber.”

“Ha. Do you see any toe-holds on these smooth stones?”

“I don’t need no toe-holds. Not if I have you, my Sweet.”

“Whaddaya mean? You don’t have me.”

“If you’re willing to take my hand -”

“How long is your arm?”

“I mean, if you’re willing to invest in us, in me-and-you together, invest in our future, our happily-ever-after, then I can get up there to you.”

“How so?”

“You have super long hair. It’s all the talk in the village.”

“No kidding. What of it?”

“Rapunzel, let me climb up on your hair.”

“Eww. That sounds painful.”

“Yeah, but – it will be worth it. You’re gonna like me a lot. And you want babies.”

“Psst – Razz?” Angel whispers. “Razz, face it. Earth life hinges on your relationships to everything – not only to yourself but to other people. You gotta grow. You’ve been too isolated.”

“You think?”

“I do!” he shouts.

“Not you – I’m talking to my angel.”


“Razz, your beauty allows him to ascend and lifts his heart up to the tower, up to where you are.”

“Oh, that’s sorta sweet.”

“When I say uh-oh?” Roger asks.

“Razz, understand your life will be drastically different. But you need a change. He rescues you from your own aloofness. He is your destiny. You will no longer be separate and isolated.”

“I won’t?”

“You won’t?” he yells, looking confused.

“Don’t rush me. I gotta hear my angel and figure this out.”

“How do you know it’s angels, not devils? Maybe you’ve gone crazy up there.”

“Look, Roger, I’m willing to meet you, but I’m not keen on the hair climbing idea.”

“Well I’m not keen on long engagements, and you’re talking to devils.”


“Can you cook?”

“Listen, what if you climb this hillock next to my tower and jump to the window?”

“Yeah, I thought of that, but it looks dangerous. If you throw your hair to me over there, I could use it for a tight rope?”

“See, that puts so much weight on my scalp. You don’t seem to realize my golden hair is attached to my head.”

“Oh. What if I go find an actual rope?”

“What if you do?”

I am on the brink of something here, not sure what. Wish me luck.


When not playing with fairy tales, Diane does Biofield Tuning, Chakra Balancing, energy healing, health coaching, and enhances  your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes on Mondays in Fountain Hills.
(Recognize this place? It’s on Laguna beach, where I strolled some years ago.)
seaside tower Laguna by DS

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  1. Leivonen, Denise says:

    Good morning Diane – I loved the fairy tail & also the photo of the tower on the beach. See you Tuesday evening for exercise & meditation. Love you so much Diane! Take care of you TOO. Denise


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