How to Drop That Burden, Fresh Start Now

Refresh for 3 minutes: breathe into your belly. Sink into the earth with gratitude. Let the earth hold you, and feel her energy rising up into you. Inhale light into your crown and down through your body. Breathe. Go loose and limp.

Choose one burden you want to drop.
What old baggage would you release? Which old story?
A chronic complaint, an injustice that was never repaired?
A trauma or painful memory that you’re tired of carrying?

The pain worsens when you dwell on it.
It worsens when you repeat the emotional story about it.
You have carried it like a heavy stone.

Breathe and acknowledge it. This story has bothered you a long time.
Breathe without fighting it or fleeing from it.
Keep breathing, relaxing, loose and limp.

If it feels too tough to look at this story, then take a bird’s-eye view of it.
If it was traumatic, tell yourself: “Yes, it happened, it was rough. Who knows why it happened. But in spite of it, I survived. I am resilient. Now I breathe through it.”

Breathe deeply and allow the emotional charge on it to go neutral.
You are tired of this story pulling on you.
You are tired of pushing against it.
You no longer want to spend your energy on it. It’s not worth it.

Tell it, “I quit.” You quit fighting it. You quit carrying it.
It is going neutral. It is losing its power.
Keep breathing and seeing it.
There it is. Yes it is part of the world, but it does not have power over you.
Let it be neutralized.
Let it shrink into a tiny part of your gigantic world.

Did this burden bring you any sort of lesson, insight, or strength?
If so, just notice and acknowledge that.
If you like, thank it for what you learned. (Or not.)

Breathe and let go. Let this old story dissolve.
Imagine it floating away, dwindling, crumbling or pixelating into nothing.
The emotional charge of it evaporates.

Breathe and let yourself melt. Soften.
Every Breath feeds you like the proverbial milk and honey.


How about your Fresh Start now?
(Option: consider a new approach on the same issue – or just leave it.)

Imagine any fresh start you would enjoy.
If anything were possible, anything at all, imagine yourself 5 years from now in a bright, breezy, comfortable situation.
(You don’t need to decide how to get there – jump over all the steps and just be there.)

Five years from now. Life has changed. Life has improved.
What is it that you so enjoy in your new situation?
Whether the focus is your material life or social life or health or anything that brings more happiness, bask in these good feelings.

Look around at your new situation. See it in detail.
Are there any particular sights, sounds, smells or sensations?
Go into those.
Breathe and allow yourself to enjoy this.

Soak in the mood of gratitude and appreciation for this new chapter of your life.

Now that everything has shifted in beautiful directions, how good does this feel?

Take a slow deep breath, and sigh with contentment: “Ahhh.” . . . and sigh again.

(Sigh your contentment aloud as in toning.)

Let me know how this vision went for you, and whether it helped? Thanks.


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