Why Should I Care About My Chakras?

A friend said, “Okay I’ve heard of them, but why should I care about my chakras? What’s the application? Who cares?”

  • Chakras are described as wheels of light, vortices of energy, and ‘flowers’ that receive and transmit energies.
  • Chakras interface with the energy streams of our meridians  (used in acupuncture for thousands of years).
  • Chakras support us and process the frequencies we take in and send out.
  • Each chakra relates to a different area of life, from our physical strength and security to our vision and intuition.
  • Likewise each chakra assists its nearby glands and organs.
  • Illness, whether hidden or obvious, is also reflected in the chakra.
  • Repairing the chakra often leads to physical, emotional, and mental healing.

Ancient peoples all over the world spontaneously discovered chakras eons ago.
The physical existence of chakras was confirmed scientifically in the 1970s by Dr. Valerie Hunt and healer Rosalyn Bruyere.

Each chakra is located at a nerve plexus (see image). The theory is that chakras help bring subtle energy and light into the nervous system.
The latest science shows that we are flowing with light, a.k.a. biophotons.

If you have a specific health problem, the corresponding chakra will show disturbance, and an energy repair may bring relief. (No guarantees but I have seen many remarkable outcomes in the past 15 years.)

Sometimes assessment of your energy system tells us early warning signs of an impending health problem. (Early correction is so much easier than waiting till late stage.)
To my mind, chakra care is preventive health.

When a person is depressed, an energy session invariably helps them feel better. It raises their vibration.

Receiving treatment on my chakras and energy body sends me into blissful feelings of expansion. It literally expands the aura, and that is measurable.
Usually my clients become expanded, happy and glowing after our sessions.

The condition of your chakras reflects the condition of your soul, in a way.
When chakras are in good balance, so is the soul.
Sometimes getting work on your chakras is exactly what you need for a new lease on life, a fresh sense of well-being.

In the holistic whole-body paradigm, the true root of a problem is not what it looks like in compartmentalized medicine.
It’s not just physical misalignment or inflammation or microscopic cellular interactions.

Rather it’s a misalignment in you, in your being, in your soul, in the way you feel about things, your thwarted efforts, your chronic axe to grind, in the chronic chip on your shoulder. That’s what it’s really about because everything, everything, begins with your spirit and then manifests in the body.
If the spirit ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy.

We tend to think that we are a physical body, but we are so much (so much!) more than that.
We are electromagnetic energy beings.
We are spirits who live before, during, and after our earth visit.
We are souls taking a human holiday, learning whatever we can in this school called planet Earth.

Our chakras (and our body ailments) can help us learn.
Each chakra holds a question for us.

1st chakra at tailbone: Do I feel like I have a right to be here?
2nd chakra: Do I have a right to feel, to want things or situations?
3rd chakra: A right to take action?
4th chakra, heart:  A right to love and be loved?
5th chakra: A right to speak and be heard?
6th chakra: A right to see and envision?
7th chakra: A right to know and a right to divine connection?

How awesome would it feel to fully inhabit all of the above?
(Click those chakra links for self-care tips on each.)

Practical application?
I use this for diagnosis (casual, not medical), for my clients’ care, for self-care, for healing, for balance, for smoothing out troubles.
I like to get relief.
I like to mellow out.
I like to get insight.
I like to learn about myself.
I like to get better balance and happiness,
and darn it all, I like school!

Share with us – why do You care about your chakras?

What is that Awesome Light in You?

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(Thanks to pixabay and wikimedia for these chakra images we re-adjusted.)
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