WTF Breakthrough Frequencies Challenge and Surprise

WTF, wanna hear about my day?
Late bedtime when my exhausted body nearly drifted to sleep, my husband asked me to help his aggravating but benign health issue. With my old nursing skills I tried to repair his situation. It was not enough. I took him to the ER.
In the brightly lit ER with two ambulances coming in, he was able to drift to sleep.
I was not able.
With each creeping hour his confusing fuzzy diagnosis and discomfort slightly improved.

By 2 a.m. we were homeward bound in the empty dark. I struggled to keep my eyes open and stay in the center lane.
Hubby gave me thanks and apology, but I could not open my tight mouth.

Deeply fatigued, I did not sleep because of my irritation, anger, blame.
Part of me said, That’s life, it’s nobody’s  fault.
(The other part replied, Decades ago we promised each other we would stay physically fit, and he dropped that ball! Argh – it’s his life, his choice.)

My mind was on my alarm clock because the cable man was coming first thing in the morning. I had promised to cover that so my husband could go to his coffee group. (We had to fix his TV and Wi-Fi because it kept dropping out. Although personally it did not hinder me much. )

No sleep.
Anger, anger, anger my old friend, my fallback.

I tried some soothing  energy methods, but I was deep down in the ditch of churning mind and simmering body.
At these times I go helpless. “Dear God I surrender, please take care of me.”
I couldn’t get out of my hamster wheel in the ditch.
Time crawled. Somehow I was given three hours of sleep.

I woke up with pain in my head and neck, sheer spitefulness in those muscles.
But there it was.
I dragged myself around.
My politeness arrived when the cable guy appeared.

In the image below, WTF means “Where’s The Food.”
I ask that question: where’s the food, the nourishment, the meaning* in all this?

*I’m always receiving energy work and this week’s theme is “releasing blame.” Yay – here’s the chance to chew on the vibe of blame. (Release it? Who knows?)

*Anger is my ongoing lesson, my fallback frequency, my dharma to digest. (Goodie, more practice.)

*Prior to this wacky night I had several nights of 9-hour sleeps for no apparent reason. Now I see that prepped me for the short night. (Thanks, invisible Helpers.)

*The Gift was Kyle the cable guy – his wisdom and youth.
He said the “slope of frequency” coming to our house was tilted in the wrong direction, dropping into negative. (Geez a big fat metaphor, huh?)

I could not grok his Tech phrase, “slope of frequency.”
I said, “Like it’s not enough juice coming through the cable?”

“No, no, it’s really frequency. It’s the slope.”

“Huh. I hear you, sort of. Everything is frequency, isn’t it? Everything is vibration.”

“Oh yeah, it is. It’s all around us and inside us,” he said, winning my admiration and boosting my hope for future generations. “Tons of frequencies are coming and going all the time.”

“Yes!” I grinned. “Tons of frequencies flowing even before we had all this technology. I use frequency for energy healing.”

“No kidding? My mom does energy work. Oh yeah I see your crystal – er – salt lamp here.”

“Right, that neutralizes Wi-Fi frequencies for my body. A live computer or smart-phone makes people muscle-test weak. When we add the salt lamp they test strong.”


He and his mom left me in a reverie of appreciation that turned my day around.
I pondered this wondrous web of humans.

Yet again I hope to understand how frequency is everything.
From Wi-Fi to moods (and from blame to better),
frequency informs us and feeds us.

Where’s The Food . . .?
A message every minute.

What an amazing time to be alive.

(FYI this was written Wednesday morning, so you don’t need to call or text. I’m doing fine now. Likewise for my old man.)

Care to share your WTF moment with us?
We’d love to hear it.


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Thanks to Diane for this photo from the south shore of Hong Kong island . . .
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