Sensational Sound Healing Summit, Amazing Bargain, Free Now This Week

Sound healing is the new frontier you’re gonna love!
Everything on Earth (and off Earth) is made of vibration and is responsive to sound, including You!
From music to drums to crystal bowls to tuning forks to the power of your own voice, vibrational medicine is awesome.
The Sound Healing Summit  online FREE THIS WEEK is an excellent bridge between the crumbling old ways of healing and the new ways of healing.

You will want to hear from 30+ experts this coming week on:

  • music therapy in integrative medicine – including the importance of pattern, tempo, tone
  • music prescriptions for health
  • the science of how sound/vibration uplifts and heals your body, mind, spirit,
  • the power of drumming and how it heals you
  • the gift of toning and using your own voice for healing
  • how sound heals you at the cellular level
  • how to tune your nervous system daily
  • how tuning your biofield clears old baggage and revitalizes you
  • sacred medicine mantras, chants, and meditations
  • crystal singing bowls and more

For thousands of years people have used music, drums, and sound to drop disease and stress, restore harmony and balance.
You can too!
Check out the Sound Healing Summit FREE now – online event Sept 9-13!
(Replays available up to 48 hours after each presentation.)

How to Heal Yourself (Free!) with Your Astounding Voice 

(Thanks to Shift Network for this pic.)
sound summit

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