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Ever read about wild expanding moments of sparkling energy and depth?
Ever sense the interweaving of supernatural worlds?
Ever drift into vast spaciousness and contentment (in meditation, or even in a canoe)?
Ever meet a mystical teacher who blew you away?
To my surprise and gratitude, I did.
Thanks, God, I did.
We hear about this stuff. I hardly dared to hope for it in my life.
But here it came.

This fellow (Isaac the anonymous one), gave us a mind-boggling blend of psychology, spirituality, and inner work that ran deep. He brought material from Torah, Kabbalah, Indian gurus, sages from around the world, yet he made all of it practical and useful for this day now.

Fresh bread, he called it. Fresh bread now.
His message is universal.

The 14 years I spent learning with him shifted me into greater contentment, peace, trust, and confidence in our higher Source.

The more often we visit the field of contentment, the easier it becomes to find it.
The easier it becomes to let go of strife and struggle.

In these difficult times, we need these skills now more than ever.
We need to keep our balance, our stability.
We need to feed our sense of love and light.

We need to lighten up.
The Earth needs us.
We need us.

That’s why this ebook is a free download here TODAY, Sunday August 25
so you can read Isaac’s insights in
Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust (volume 4 in a series of 5).

The printed paperback version is also rolling off the presses now.
Also take a look at the Walking The Bridge book series blog.


Yours in Love and Light –


(Thanks to pexels and Zac Frith for the candle part of this image.)
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