Scary Truth at the Super Market

What can I do when my diabetic hubby proudly comes home with 5 giant bottles of soda pop because they were 5 for 1, a screaming deal??
“Aaaargh!!” (I can scream.)

I have been frightened of the supermarket for years!
How can we resist when they sell the good chips at 2 for 1 or mark down the best cookies to 99 cents?

How do you steer clear of those free snack samples?

The empty Carbs haunt us in every aisle.

More than 60% of the groceries we Americans buy are highly processed with chemicals, too much sugar and fat.
Compared to 1970, we are eating 500 more calories a day, more Carbs and refined grains, more added sugars and fats.

You’ll hear junk food calling your name dozens of times all over the store.

Researchers tell us that sugary drinks and soda pops sit in about 25 different places in the store. Junk foods dance in about 40 different places.

How many places can you find an apple?
Like, one. One place.

If you miss the cokes and chips in the past two aisles don’t worry, you’ll catch them on the end cap of another aisle. (OMG wait, did that say 3 for 1??)
If all else fails, grab them at the checkout lane, along with assorted candy.

The checkout area is designed for impulse buying of chocolate, candy, cookies, more chips and sodas, why not?
The same junk food and candy is offered at the checkouts of hardware stores, office supply stores, clothing stores, pharmacies, gas stations, just everywhere.

What’s wrong with this picture?
All this junk is worsening our heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and more.

Did you know that in many low-income neighborhoods, grocery stores promote super-cheap soda pop deals the same week when people receive their food stamps (now called SNAP benefits)? The store grabs for their business.
No doubt people enjoy soda pop, but at what cost to health?

Is this just the way of the world, or can we take charge of our own destiny?

Shop Healthy:

  • Plan a wholesome menu and use a shopping list.
  • Imagine your hands chained to the cart to prevent impulse buying.
  • Go to the perimeter of the store for colorful produce and healthy protein.
  • Stay away from the middle aisles which are loaded with junk food.
  • Every week try a new fruit or vegetable for fun!
  • Buy fresh vegetables or frozen (not canned).
  • Choose lean cuts of meat without skin.
    Avoid salty processed meats.
    Eat more chicken than red meat.
    Try fish twice a week.
  • Go for 100% whole grain items, not refined.
  • If a food contains more than 5 ingredients or any artificial ingredients, it’s probably not good for you.

What other good tips do you have for us? Please share 🙂


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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m trying to mentally think about how the junk food makes my body feel and then think about how good my body feels with healthy food. And avoiding going into the grocery store helps too if I can do the “clicklist” or pick up my pre-ordered groceries.

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