Urgent – Please Chill Out Friendly – Sooner, Not Later 

Please relax now, today.
Whatever is pressing you, let it go.
Relax all week, all month, all year.
Things on this planet are getting much too uptight.
We must cool down.
Any vibe of anger builds more anger, whether it is righteous anger or not.

When we rage (even silently) at our crazy politicians, situations, co-workers, immigrants, neighbors, partners, it does not matter where the rage is directed, that anger itself attracts more of the same vibe.

The anger vibe piles up. The Earth is overloaded with anger, and (believe it or not) She must process and deal with the heat we spew out.

My non-physical friend urged us this week, now more than ever, to let go, relax, send peace, because if we don’t, much damage will occur on the Earth.
(Non-physical friend? Yup.)

Everything is true.
Somebody somewhere holds an odd opinion as true. (Present company included.)
No matter how wrong or misguided we think they are, we cannot change them.

All we can do is allow them to be part of the whole kaleidoscope.
Stop fighting.
“Hate begets hate” -Gandhi.

When we take on anger and fear, we poison ourselves and our environment.

It’s a vibrational thing. Tell me you don’t feel it when somebody brings a bad mood into your room, your office, your home. Of course you feel it.
We have mirror-neurons. We mirror others.
We are empaths, more than we realize.
Emotional frequencies seem to grab us.

It’s up to us to stabilize, keep calm, chill out.
An unruffled person naturally uplifts others, even without knowing it.
They lighten up the workplace, the neighborhood, the town.

Sages and scientists tell us all is vibration and waves of energy.

Vibration/ frequency/ tone/ mood matters.
YOUR vibration/ mood matters. You are affecting the external world with it.

Too many of us are hot-headed.
Climate change is already upon us for the past 3 years or more.
Can we repair it?
Scientists say the only leverage we have is in the next 5 years.
Because of us, one million species of animals and plants face imminent extinction now.
The human animal is next on that list.
Potable water is already drying up.
We will have more floods and fires, starvation and disease.
How many hundreds of millions of humans will die or be displaced?
We will deal with this one way or another.
We will have to come together to survive.

What if we come together now, and bring in the frequency of peace and friendship?

I don’t mean to scare you, but this is urgent.
Don’t go into fear.
Steady the course.

Let us chill out, relax on purpose, find the love within our life and spread it around.

How to Chill Out?

Meditate to that place where nothing is wrong. (It is a real field of Being. It is higher Reality.)

Gratitude Journal – write even one blessing a day – who and what do you love and enjoy?

Meridian Tapping will release trauma, fear, anger, and many other troubles.

Biofield Tuning is a great way to drop baggage and lighten up.

All forms of prayer, energy healing, breath-work, grounding to Earth, connecting with Nature will help. Send love and gratitude to Earth.

Stop that daydream of giving your enemy (or politician) a violent death.
Can you imagine pelting them with daisies?
They are part of the kaleidoscope – God knows why.

Can you share more chill-out ideas for us . . . ?
Please share this post. Then run a bubble bath and relax . . . 😉



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  1. Nicole Brown says:

    Thank you Diane. This is so needed. I sent it off to all of my face book friends saying this must be read for our future world.


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