Soar Out the Colorful Doorway to Dreams

This doorway is clear, clean, glowing.

Behind you, grey clutter.
The dregs of the day want release.

Before you, puffs and swirls.
Colors rise like mist.
Now orange, lime, lavender, baby blue.
Gather and scatter the dreamscapes.

Pave the way first.
Let go the silliness, sadness, stress of today.
Wild and wooly it was.
Be not encumbered with nonsense.
Put that baloney into a bubble.
It flies away into the night – say goodbye.

Reset to gratitude.
Thank You for my comfy bed, my roof overhead,
sunshine, moonshine, dragonflies.
Every cool thing.
Oh, that other fabulous bit too.
And that one sweet moment today.

How lucky you feel.

Lighten up: put your wings on.

What will it be tonight?
What stories may arise?
What fantasies?
What Letter from Home?

Perhaps messages will emerge.
Or not.
Anything is possible in the Funiverse.

No limits.
Roller coaster or float.
No work, no effort.

You can see friends you love, in this world or That.

The essential news is Love.
Love from Home, underneath all forms, sensations, interpretations.

Love enlivens That and This, both sides of the doorstep.

Dive in!
Dive up!
Soar . . . and don’t come back till morning 😉


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(Thanks to Diane for catching this pic in the Roman Colosseum – feel free to fly to ancient Rome in your dream tonight. Tell us how it goes?)
Arch Rome by DS

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