How to Lighten Up and Drop the Droop

Out of many ways, here’s a popular one, tried and true.
(You know this vibe. Let yourself go there. You can drop the blues.)

Imagine a small smile rising inside you.
Not that anybody can see it.
Rather, it’s the seed of a smile.
It’s the way you feel when you might smile any moment.

Gently tap the very top center of your chest, a couple of taps.

Let your upper chest rise and expand.
Let your shoulders drop down and back, with a little squeeze between the shoulder blades.
Rest in this position. Without effort.

And  breathe.
Allow the hint of the smile to expand if it wants to.
(Now is a good moment to recall one of the cool fun aspects of your life.)

Lungs open, chest expanded, shoulders back – this is the position you take naturally when you’re confident and happy.
All is right with the world.

It’s only when things are wrong, or we are caught up too much in the world, that our chest sinks inward and our shoulders round, drooping down.

Our lung space collapses.
We lose the flow of our life-giving air, our chi.
Garbage air gets trapped in us.
No wonder everything looks bleak.

We stop bringing in our refreshment, light-infused prana, chi, life force energy.

Believe me, I know the droop.
I focus on the irritant, and I totally forget the glad good grateful 90% of my world.

Can you find your 90%?
Does it feel more like 50-50, or 60-40?
We ourselves make these percentages grow and shrink, according to how much we mentally feed them.
It’s a simple human habit.

Louise Hay  writes that rounded shoulders mean “carrying the burdens of life, helpless and hopeless.”
Her affirmation is, “I stand tall and free. I love and approve of me. My life gets better every day.”

You don’t have to sugar-coat it, but maybe count your true blessings and let them grow bigger in your mind.

It works for me.
Does it work for you? Let us know in your comments.

Our lungs are as delicate as spirit.
When they are fully open, exchanging plenty of chi, our spirit soars . . .


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