3 Easy Steps to Tremendous Energy into Your Brilliant Crown

1) Ground yourself to the Earth
2) Open to the Flow
3) Inhale Light, exhale darkness – and let yourself Glow

Settle into your chair. Let yourself feel heavy and limp.
Take a deep breath and let go. Let go of everything.

Let your belly expand as you inhale. This is natural belly breathing, the way we breathe when we are first born.
Allow each breath to rise and fall effortlessly.

Shift into a feeling of no work, no effort. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing pressing.

Imagine roots growing from your feet down deep and wide into the earth.
The earth embraces your roots, glad to have you on the planet.

Again let your body feel heavy, loose and limp.
Let the earth hold you and support you.
Send gratitude to the earth for the many ways she nurtures us.

Imagine a powerful river of light pouring down vertically  into the top of your head.
Open up and allow this light to come streaming into your scalp, your brain, your eyes, your sinuses, your ears, down your throat.
This light relaxes everything it touches.
Brilliant light pours down your spine into the entire nervous system, into every cell of your body.
Light flows down your shoulders and arms.
Light flows into your lungs, your heart, your liver, all of your organs.
Light flows through your torso, your digestive system.
Light flows into your hips, your legs, your feet.

This Light is Limitless.
This light overflows from your feet into the earth.

Breathe deeply and let yourself feel that this is:
the most brilliant light ever,
absolutely abundant, boundless, never-ending,
easily available to you at any time – because it is.

With each in-breath more light flows into you.
With each out-breath you exhale everything that does not serve you.
Exhale all darkness, trouble, worry, anxiety, pain, garbage.
Exhale all that with every breath.

The darkness may dissipate in layers.
The light floods in.
The light wants to pour in and assist you.
Let go. Breathe.

Every spot of tension in your body melts away.
Every breath makes your body softer, smoother.
Your heart fills with comfort.

Keep inhaling light.
Take your time.
Every breath easily brings in light.

Feel, sense, or imagine how every cell in your body is truly lit up and glowing.

You fill up with so much light, it starts to shine out through the pores of your skin.
Feel, sense, or imagine tiny rays of light glimmering all over you.

Yes, you are glowing.
Yes, you are filled with divine energy.
Yes, this light soothes everything in you, effortlessly.

Remind yourself, “Everything is in right order.”

Breathe calmly, comfortably, sensing all of this.
Now you are so full and glowing that a layer of light radiates three inches out from your skin.

Take your time.
Imagine this light expanding 6 inches thick around you.
Imagine it growing 12 inches thick.
This beautiful capsule of light holds you gently.

Imagine yourself absolutely radiant, inside and outside.

Understand that you are enough, just as you are.
You don’t need to do anything to deserve this.
The universe loves you.
It has always loved you.
It always sends you light and love.

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(Thanks to pexels for this yoga-girl, and thanks to the light.)
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