How Your Heart Goes Walking Around – Happy Mother’s Day 

The decision to have a child “is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone
Yes. That’s the way I feel about my kids.
How about you?

Mothering grabs me down to my core.
It’s not just an instinct.
It’s not just the habit of giving time and energy to my “child” for decades.
It’s not just the impulse to drop everything else the moment they need help.

It is something powerful, this compulsion to nurture and protect.
It is love. The strongest kind of love.
Love strengthened by giving every ounce in that direction.

The more we give, the more we love.

We fall deeply in love with these people.
And then they leave us.
And they’re supposed to do that, ideally.
There goes my heart, rolling down the highway.

My kids are grown up now, and they remind me of that fact often.
I should stay out of their business.
How can I do that?

In a local restaurant I saw two grey-haired ladies hug goodbye.
Somehow I knew they were mother and daughter.
The older one called after the other, “Be careful.”
Because you are my heart, walking around out there.
I wish I could follow you around.
But I have to let you go.

Dear Son and Daughter and Son-in-Law,
Thank you for your gratitude, for your sweet Mother’s Day card.
What you don’t know is, I cannot help but do that Mother thing.
It is much bigger than me.


What is your take on mothering? Do tell.
You got any tips on Letting Go? I’m all ears . . .


(Thanks to Susan Cipriano and PxHere for this pic.)
flowers on water Susan Cipriano PxHere

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  1. You’re all ears? I’m all tears. Great post Diane, I have never heard it expressed this way but it is true for sure.


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