You Need to Know the Point for Anti-Nausea and Insomnia

Let’s say you were tossing around on the seas of Southeast Asia, trying to hold your cookies down. You just never know when the anti-nausea meridian point might come in handy.

This acupressure point is known as Nei-Kuan (Nei Guan) or Pericardium 6 (P6).
Place three fingers across your wrist, just under the wrist crease, as shown in the picture below. The P6 point is centered underneath the lowest finger, between the two long tendons of the wrist.
You might feel a small depression or dip there. (A natural button – cool, huh?)
But the location is the correct spot, in any case.

Apply firm deep pressure to stimulate this point. (I use my thumb pressure.)
Massage it and try to relax.
Breathe deeply.
Let go of all concerns for the moment. Simply massage that acupoint.

Relief tends to arrive within 3 minutes or so. Repeat as needed. (You cannot overdo this.)

We use this acupoint for motion sickness, seasickness, pregnancy morning sickness, post anesthesia, chemo, or other bouts of upset stomach.
It can also relieve carpal tunnel pain, headaches, and insomnia.

You could use a stretchy bracelet with a built-in knob to apply pressure to P6. (One brand is “Sea-Band.”) With these bracelets, you may want to apply extra digital pressure on top of the knob at times, depending on the situation. (Like a restless ocean, ugh.)

As mentioned this same P6 acupoint works for relaxation and sleep.
Give it a whirl to help you wind down at bedtime.

Bonus – Another great sleep acupoint is behind the ears.
I love this one because my pillow supports both hands resting behind my ears, and I can drift to sleep easily.
Interestingly, this meridian line is called Triple Energizer. Among its many uses, it calms emotions and restlessness.

To find this sleep point, place two fingers behind your ear. Slide your fingertips about an inch horizontally further behind your ear. You will feel a natural dip in the bone structure (an inch behind your ear). Rest two fingertips in this dip.
Breathe. Let go of any concerns.
Let the natural energy do its thing.
No worries.
Slide into slumber.

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wrist P6 relieves nausea insomnia

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