Surprise for Vegans – Hidden Animal Products

For my vegan friends – I was surprised to discover these hidden animal sources in food and drink.

Most wines filter the sediment out by using egg white and/or gelatin, milk protein, or Isinglass animal fiber (see below). So most wines are not vegan.  Find vegan wine here.    (We wonder if a bad reaction to a wine might be a reaction to eggs?)

Isinglass, a.k.a. fish bladders, are often used to filter and clarify beer and wine

Casein is a protein of cow or sheep milk and might be added to soy cheese and other “non-dairy” items.

Whey is the liquid byproduct of strained milk. It’s found in some margarines, protein shakes, breads, and more.

Bread products often contain l-cysteine, a dough conditioner that comes from feathers or human hair or pig hair. (Who knew?)

Super glossy candy may contain confectioner’s glaze which comes from a resin secreted by an insect, the Lac insect. (Yikes.)

Gelatin of course comes from boiled animal collagen and is used in various candies, gummy bears, fruit snacks and chewing gum

Fish gelatin is used for the orange color in some Coca Cola products.

White sugar is often filtered through animal bones during processing. (Bone char removes impurities.)

Some vegans prefer to stay away from honey and beeswax, because technically these are animal products (might contain bees knees too).

Red candies and lipstick often get their red color from carmine, a red dye from crushed cochineal insects. (Bugs again!)

Do you know of any other surprises we could share here?


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2 Responses to Surprise for Vegans – Hidden Animal Products

  1. Rachel Neumann says:

    Hi Diane,

    This is a very interesting post – especially for those of us who are concerned about keeping Kosher – mixing ‘milk and meat’ – eating or consuming a non kosher product like porcine in a supplement for adrenal support – infinitely small portions of ‘bugs’ in lettuce or other vegetables – and what about milk products that come from cows dosed with high levels of growth hormones, vaccines and antibiotics? And if the ‘animal products’ being used are not kosher according to Torah laws, or their slaughter is not kosher, then what? Maybe the Torah is wise after all. So when a product says ‘kosher for passover’ the stringency is even more powerful.

    Love and Blessings,


    Rachel L. Neumann, Adv EFT Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Teacher Your Pathway to Empowerment A division of Coaching for Insight, LLC 623-386-0378



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