Disturbed? Attacked? Don’t Collapse into Victim World

Don’t let the earthworms get you down.
Some of us are quite sensitive to the disturbing energies around us.
We live in a sea of vibrations, thought-forms, and attachments.
If we feel like we’re being invaded, that’s a problem.
I know this is a real experience. It does happen.

Often the sensitive person keeps clearing themselves effectively after the invasion, but they cannot seem to resist the invasion. They feel like their boundary is permeable, and everything gets in.

A friend said, “It’s like I have all these paper-cuts in my field, and when I get near salty people at the grocery store, that salt gets right into my cut. I carry it home.”

Those paper-cuts are old wounds that are still open.
The salt gets in because I haven’t released the emotional charge of the traumatic memory.

The key is the emotional charge and how I push against it.

Pushing against is the biggest factor.

We tell ourselves, “I don’t like this, make it stop!”
But the more we focus upon it, the bigger and more aggravating it becomes.
Such is the power of our attention.

Let’s say I hold an old trauma from kindergarten (whether I can remember it or not).
The big bossy teacher yelled at me, overwhelmed tiny me, made me tremble in fear, gave me a stomachache, and yes, scarred me.
That fear brings feelings of anger, injustice, revenge, hatred, more fear, and who-knows-what, all balled up into that event, that memory, conscious or subconscious.

This knot of emotional charges belongs to the unhealed wound.
Naturally I push against all those emotions.

I don’t want to feel fear, hatred, anger and all. I don’t want that disturbance.
I push against it.
I stuff it. I keep it in that knot.

Fast forward several decades. I’ve spent my life avoiding big bossy mean people.
But I need groceries. I cannot predict when and where I will bump into salty people. They’re everywhere.
Here’s one of them now, right next to me.

Although I manage to get past them, on a deeper level I can’t stand this.

My world collapses into pushing against this moment, whether I know it or not.
Up comes a mountain of stress, emotional charge, strong push-back, even a headache.

Darn it.
I need to close these old wounds.
I need to allow e-motion to move, to finish its motion and leave me.
I need to allow life to be life without sticking to me.

I need to get out of my own way.

In this sea of vibrations I am in charge of me, and only me.

How can we release the charge and close the wound?

Biofield Tuning is a great way to clear out emotional charges, transmute their energy, and close those paper-cuts (as this friend and I were telling each other). BT releases those old knots, no matter if the painful memories are conscious or not.

EFT meridian tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a good way to release emotional charges and a wide variety of issues. In this self-help approach, tap your fingertips on acupressure points on the face and chest. Check it out.

Most types of energy healing are helpful.
We are electromagnetic energy beings. Aligning our energy, releasing old stuff, does make a big difference for us. It brings freedom and joy.

Meditation can resolve old wounds. With a daily meditation practice, when the mind gets quiet, old disturbances and memories naturally bubble up.
Mindfully breathe your way through those emotions, and do not get emotionally hooked into that old memory. Simply observe it and breathe. The breath helps discharge it. In time this practice can be quite healing.

How about some other ideas?
What’s your approach to deeper freedom and feeling good?


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