Love Meditation? Steal this Flash Trip Now to the Seashore 

Take a quick trip to the beach.
Breathe deeply into your belly, expanding it. (Belly breathing conveys extra oxygen, energy, and relaxation hormones.)

Imagine standing barefoot in soft dry sand on a beautiful beach.
Imagine roots growing from your feet down deep into the earth.
The earth embraces your roots, glad to have you on the planet.
Let yourself grow heavier. Let the ground fully hold you.
Send gratitude to the earth for the many ways she nurtures us.

Imagine you can open the top of your head and allow light to come streaming into your scalp, your brain, your eyes, your sinuses, your ears, down your throat.
Brilliant light pours down your spine into the entire nervous system, every cell in your body. Light flows down your shoulders and arms, through your torso, into your hips, your legs, your feet.

Relax more deeply as you stand secure to the ground and filled with light.
With each in-breath more light flows in.
With every exhalation release your worries and troubles.
Let go. Breathe.
Every pocket of tension in your body melts away.

Feel the sand around your toes.
The breeze caresses your face.
The seashore stretches out in front of you.
Look at the lay of the land.
Is it hilly or flat? Are there trees? Shrubs? Wispy grass or flowers?
Is the sky clear, or does it hold interesting clouds?

What color is the ocean here?
Take in the horizon of water, the way it stretches out forever.
What do you see? An island? A ship in the distance? Or not?

Watch the waves rise and curl into splashing foam.
Listen to the soothing sound of each wave landing on the beach.
Take your time.

Hear the slow steady rhythm of the surf.
Feel the soft sand sifting between your toes as you saunter toward the sea.

Step onto the wide strip of firm damp sand.
Feel its solid support.
Inhale the breeze, the fine weather. Smell the freshness.
Feel your gratitude for this moment.

Move closer to the surf and feel the waterlogged sand underfoot.
Your toes love this squishy sand.

The surf flows across your feet.
How’s the water?
Big sigh.
You’re here.
Breathe deep.
Bring in more light.

The next wave flows in, kisses your feet.
Ever so smoothly the tide comes in to meet you.

Feel each wave wash over your feet.

The water drags back, pulling sand out from under and around your feet.
Delicious, these swirling sands.

Let the water wash into you.
Let yourself become the water.
Imagine you are the water.

Be the rhythm of the waves coming in, coming in.
Drifting out.

You are flowing in, flowing out, as each wave surges, then drifts back into itself.

You are that wave sloping back into the sea, into the wide trough of foam.
The next wave rolls in.

Each time you melt into the ocean.

Feel the rhythm.
Watch the wave.
You roll in. You roll out.

You flow further out.
Now you are the sea just beyond the breakers.

You are the ridge of clear water rising before the crest breaks into its curl of foam.
Curling, breaking, surging to the shore.

The ridge rises to its crest and spirals in beauty.

Like the ocean you remember the oneness of all things.
Rest in the comfort that you are always in touch with everything.


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