What to Do for those Crazy Uncomfortable Burps

“Yeah? And what have those crazy burps done for me lately?” you might ask.
I hear you. Sometimes the belly feels like a bubbling stew of steams and eruptions.

Apart from a possible infection in the stomach or small intestine, yeast overgrowth, or poor production of bile due to gallstones, let’s move to the more typical causes of bloating and burping.

The food is bubbling and not digesting well, possibly because of:

  • Swallowing air (rapid eating without chewing, anxiety, laughter, carbonated cokes)
  • Food intolerances like gluten, lactose(dairy), fructose and other food allergies
  • Fruit is easily digested on its own but not when other foods are added to it.
  • Animal protein and Carbs do not play well together in the stomach.
  • Lack of healthy hydrochloric acid in the stomach impairs digestion.

A healthy stomach produces two liters of hydrochloric acid (HCL) each day to enable digestive enzymes to work well.  HCL especially helps digest proteins and protects the digestive system from bacteria.
As we age we tend to produce less hydrochloric acid (HCL).
A vegetarian diet results in lower amounts of HCL.
Stress diminishes our production of HCL. (Who is not stressed?)

Low hydrochloric acid means digestive enzymes are hindered, nutrients are not digested (and we roll out the red carpet for bacteria arrivals).
Food will sit in the stomach longer, causing more gas and bloating and burping.

One solution is to eat tomato and/or vinegar with any meat or animal protein (even dairy).
Fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi will enhance your digestion and strengthen your gut.
Ginger helps the belly too.

You might try a Betaine HCL capsule supplement. Take it at least 20 minutes before you eat, because this will prompt your natural acid production. (Over time this can restore your own HCL levels.)

And how about food combining!
Different digestive enzymes are secreted for different types of food.
Fruit needs the simplest enzymes and processes quickly unless it gets stalled by the rest of your big breakfast. (Eat fruit and wait 20 min before next type of food.)
Carbs and protein need 4 to 8 hours to fully process. Cereal requires amylase enzymes. Eggs and bacon use proteases and lipases plus bile for the fat.
If you throw all these in together, your stomach may get bogged down. You might  belch all morning.

The simplest rule of food combining is:
Eat fruit by itself only, and eat animal protein with veggies only.
Choose good food combos and be comfortable!

Best 7 Tips to Reduce Burps and Bloating:

  • Avoid swallowing air (carbonated soda pop, wolfing down food).
  • CHEW thoroughly, chew till it’s soupy – the vital first step in efficient digestion.
  • Use Food Combining. Eat animal protein with veggies only (not with Carbs).
  • Eat meats with tomato or vinegar – also pickles and fermented foods.
  • Take a Betaine HCL capsule 20 min before the meal (600 mg or so).
  • Ease stomach pressures with ginger, peppermint, licorice root.
  • Investigate food sensitivities or allergies (see the Sensitive 7 Food Allergies).

Reduce Stress (to help your HCL and more)!
Learn Relaxation and build more of it into your day!
Start with one minute, three times a day.
Put it on your schedule with a timer / an alarm / a gong / a nagging gnome . . .

What’s your favorite remedy for burps?
(P.S. I think Apple Cider Vinegar is fine for short-term use, but long-term use can mess up your mineral balance.)

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