9 Ways Water Can Save Your Life Right Now

Thirsty is too late!
You might need a gallon a day. Can you do that?
In our busy life we zoom around and forget to drink water.
This is slowly killing our bodily functions.
(And shriveling us into a mass of wrinkles …)

Over the decades a mild lack of water causes your arteries to constrict to keep enough pressure in your hose (bloodstream). This chronic constriction can lead to high blood pressure.

Over the decades a mild lack of water inhibits the production of insulin (hello, diabetes) and the production of hormones. (Hello, dwindling libido?)

Over the decades a mild lack of water dries out the joints of the body and the cushions between vertebrae, producing pain and stiffness. (Boost your water intake and watch your pain diminish, in some cases.)

Lack of water makes the blood thick, sluggish, and more prone to blood clots where they don’t belong (risking strokes and heart attacks).

Lack of water starts a chain of reactions in the immune system, producing more cortisone which suppresses and weakens your immune system.

A healthy happy living brain is so full of water it’s almost like jelly. (How dry is yours?) A drought in the brain can bring anxiety, depression, headaches, migraines, and insomnia.

Often we get confused about thirst vs. hunger. We think we are hungry but really we are thirsty. So be sure to drink water first and then wait 20 min before eating. This is a great approach for weight loss.

What happens to an un-watered colon? Constipation.

So: we just saved our life from stroke, heart attack, diabetes, joint pain, poor immune system, depression, headaches, insomnia and constipation. (And wrinkles?)
Here’s the Bonus: Water gives you energy!!!

5 reasons to drink water now and get energized! 

  • Drop your fatigue! Water plays a vital role in the sodium-potassium pump on the membrane of every cell. This pump creates hydroelectric energy for us all day long.  (ATP or GTP)  Yes! Drink water and feel energized!
  • Your brain craves water. Drink some now and you’ll be alert!
  • If a headache is creeping in, drink 2 glasses of water and put salt on your tongue. Relief! (Amaze your friends, as I have done 😉
  • Often bodily pain indicates water shortage and toxins (cellular garbage) in the painful area. Flush your body with water to stop the acidic buildup and reduce pain.
  • Water is essential to absorb all the nutrients in our food, to transport everything, to produce enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, all those juices that help us feel good.

Much of this info comes from Dr F. Batmanghelidg MD, who discovered water resolves stomach ulcers. His books include Water: for health, for healing, for life: you’re not sick, you’re thirsty! 

Dr. B. recommends plenty of healthy sea salt (Celtic salt, high in trace minerals) to enhance hydration. (But NOT if you have kidney disease.)
Some of us like to put the salt right into our water, to keep a good ratio going. (See Watercure is Vital.)
Watercure Recipe: ¼ teaspoon Celtic sea salt per liter of water. (1tsp per gallon)
Each day drink half your weight in ounces (140 lb ≈ 70 oz).

ALSO it’s important to avoid some bottled waters and R.O. water (Reverse Osmosis) because these are acidic and detrimental to the body.

For more water-details on the ailments below, see How Does Watercure Help?
auto-immune disease
back pain
colitis & constipation
headaches, migraines
high blood pressure, hypertension
immune system
stomach ulcers

I’ve been drinking this mild salted water since 2007, and all my cells are buoyant and happy about it. (My BP is great, 114/68 at age 60 now.)
Friends who drank salted water relieved hip pain and asthma, among other great effects.
Have you tried it?
Do tell!

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(Thanks to wikipedia for this awesome salt water wave!)
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  1. Teri says:

    Diane, thanks to your gentle encouragement I tried this approach to deal with my migraines. I was dealing with chronic migraine, taking drugs that had awful side effects, literally I was sick and tired all the time. After following the advice you gave (1 tsp Celtic Sea Salt to one gallon water – and I did that daily over our hot AZ summer) I began to find relief. It was the cornerstone I needed to build on while I improved my diet and exercise as well. Today, I am healthier and happier and medication free. If I have a migraine at all, the intensity is no where near what I experienced for decades living with this disorder. I so appreciate your kindness and concern while we band parented together and you shared The Watercure with me. It literally was life changing.


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