If I Were a Ghost by Rod Drought

Deep thanks to my friend, poet Rod Drought, for this delicious guest post.
This is a sneak peek into his next book of poetry.

If I Were a Ghost

I would not haunt,
Rattle chains across your floor
Instead I would give an ethereal tap on
Your shoulder so light you might not notice
Just enough to stop you from texting,
To break the trance
Unlock your stare from the cage
Of an insignificant screen
An imperceptible nudge to lift your eyes
To awaken with wonder once again
Catching your breath noticing the sheen
Of ice on barren trees, on telephone lines
The brilliant and blinding reflection
Of a winter sun after the storm

I would hover like a bee around a stamen
So that you would flower from the mundane,
The doldrums of a grocery excursion
In a casual glimpse you would pause, appreciate
The unsteady gait of an elderly couple
Making their way to senior day at Goodwill
Their weathered hands clasped, rooted together

When times are hard
I would be the light
That defines your shadow then
I would rise, be your noon
Eclipse with time all your sorrow

I would want to be there
To see you live your life
Without ghosts, without interference
Freedom my diaphanous gift
As I stay by your side
You may feel a warm blush
On your tender face
A sweet, mysterious comfort
That flutters by your ear
A whisper of love
When you need it the most
You might never see me
But you will know
I am always there

©Rod Drought – January 2019

rod ghostly on forest-sunlight by pexels

You can find more of Rod’s refreshing poetry in his three books (and e-books):
 The Song We Left Behind,
The Wake of The Desert Belle
, and
The Adventurers and other poems
Thanks for this inspiration, Rod!


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  1. Leivonen, Denise says:

    Thanks so much Diane. Very lovely thought provoking and moving poem. Love you lots, Denise


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